Iran: The Price of Peace
Front Page "Magazine" / Jamie Glazov
17-Oct-2008 (8 comments)

FP: What are alternatives policies that the U.S. might consider?Daioleslam: Simply raise the stakes. Nothing short of the threat of regime change will influence Tehran’s behavior. Iran should realize that if they continue their mischief in the region and their ill intentioned nuclear programs, the West will intently and seriously adopt the irreversible policy of regime change in Iran. Anything short of that will not deter Iran.


Hassan Daioleslam still pushing for war

by Q on

oh boy. Just what America needs another bogey man "regime change" advice from a guy linked to the Rajavi cult. Hassani just doesn't get it. American-instigated regime change is unacceptable to Iranian people no matter how bad they feel. Sanctions and other method of hurting them will not win America any friends among Iranians, and it will certainly not lead to any "regime change" unless followed by military action anyway. This guy is nothing but a cold-hearted opportunist trying to "fool" American into killing Iranians. Luckily the only people who give him time of the day are those even crazier than himself: the thoroughly discredited far-right wing trash on their way out to the margins of history.



Innocent until proven guilty

by Nazanin Ghasemian on

Hassan Daioleslam doesn't respresent opposition. He represents reckless opportunism. DC thrives on fools like him. I'm glad he's being challenged legally.


Fred, Would u please

by smhb (not verified) on


Would u please identify the legitimate opposition forces / parties outside of Iran that have not sold out to the empire?

Its a sad fact and commentary but true that these forces / parties are gobbled up in the big picture conflict by the empire and its institutions and allies and are totally bankrupt and not in tune with reality.

Its high time that your idiotic claims and advice on behalf of the free world / imperialist / neo-colonialist / zionists and the championing of their cause and intervention in the internal affairs of Iran come to an end. Your ignorance is mind boggling and your arrogance is disgusting.

If and when there will be a change or a revolution in Iran it will be done by the people / masses and lead by leaders, Islamic or secular or both, who are home grown and who actually enjoy legitimacy in the eyes of Iranian people and not some delusional and bankrupt individuals who are in cahoots with the enemies of Iran and reside in comfort in California, NY or Paris or London and are on the pay of the empire and serve their interests.



by Q on

the regime doesn't give a rat's ass. NIAC simply chose a response to slander from cowards and Mojaheds like Hassan Dai. Slander need not be "effectual" to be prosecutable. Didn't that loser "welcome" the slander suit saying it will "expose" NIAC?

These are the only groups who think Iranians "need" help from the outside. By the way Fred, what's your real name? Ahmad Chalabi? Game is over buddy. Just how long can you continue being a fool on the wrong side of history?


Contradictory behavior

by Fred on

All the Islamist lobbyists say there is no effective opposition ergo lets learn and try to live with a less cruel Islamist republic and hope evolutionary forces take hold and tame the beast in some future millennia.


 Assuming the Islamist republic is well entrenched and its opposition is all but nonexistent, then why would all known Islamists and regime lobbyists methodically attack the opposition?


 Why would NIAC sue an ineffectual one man opposition or routinely NIAC’s conjoined twin CASMII attack any and all “ineffectual opposition” to the Islamist republic?


 Why is the Islamist lobby so keen to portray the invincibility of their client by belittling the opposition and trying to deny them any and all vital material/moral support?


Iranians inside need and more than deserve all the help from outside, the more the free world helps them now to overthrow the Islamist menace the much less it will have to cough up in not too distant future.



Nothing new in this article.

by smhb (not verified) on

Nothing new in this article. Mr HD is no different from other Iranian persoanlities who offered their intellect and services to the american, israeli, british and french governements during the last 30 years. All to no avail.

The interesting thing is that these governements still fall for these idiots or maybe they just like to use them for other purposes. You tell me.

Either way the list is very long and distinguished. From the former SHAH who was the highest paid CIA agent to his buddies and cronies to other so called leftist or nationalist leaders and parties who just managed to make fools out of themselves and their followers by becoming the agents of a foreign power.

This is a sad story of our fellow Iranians stooping to the lowest levels of prostitution. I actually have a lot more respect for men or women who sell their bodies due to misfortune in their lives in order to make a living and survive. But these folks are really disgusting.

The american foreign policy with regards to Iran has completely collapsed and it didnt happen last year either. The ME has become a major area for successive imperialist and zionist defeats and that will not change by HD and folks like him.

There are academics, politicians, and personalities in the US that recognize the futility of present american policy but they are up against the likes of AIPAC and their Iranian mouth pieces.

What seems to be clear is that when and not if the US finally leaves Iraq the geo-political map of the ME will change drastically and Iran's power will increase 10 fold if not more.

Personally, I look forward to that day.


Wrong said Fred!

by Realist (not verified) on

Mein Herr Fred

One thing is you mistake (on purpose or not) Anti-war sentiments for supporting the IRI. But the more absurd presumption is that you think the IRI needs anybody's support to survive.

They don't need "saving" by any one of us, the quality of the Iranian opposition is their guaranty of survival. The best opposition any regime can wish for: weak, devided, corrupter than themselves, treasoners, and America-firsters.


Islamists selling Iranians short

by Fred on

If Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies including  Islamist wedding photographers think they have the upper hand in saving their Islamist regime, they got another think coming.