Olmert says Israel must withdraw from West Bank for peace
LA Times
30-Sep-2008 (one comment)

Olmert admitted some of the positions he was advocating in the interview -- such as the division of Jerusalem -- were things he opposed during most of his 35-year political career. "I am the first who wanted to enforce Israeli sovereignty on the entire city," said Olmert, a former mayor of Jerusalem, noting that he opposed the 1978 Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt. "For a large portion of these years, I was unwilling to look at the reality in all its depth."


Omert's day of atonement, over a week early?

by Q on

"Since it became clear more than a month ago that he would have to resign, Olmert has charted an increasingly leftist course in a country where right and left are often defined by how much land one is willing to concede to the Palestinians."