Victory for Peace
27-Sep-2008 (one comment)

Congressional Democrats this week shelved the sinister House Concurrent Resolution 362. That resolution, a high priority for AIPAC, would have imposed “stringent inspection requirements on all persons, vehicles, ships, planes, trains and cargo entering or departing Iran” and barred any export of refined petroleum from the U.S. to Iran. In other words, it would be a de facto military blockade, an act of war that would surely turn bloody soon enough.

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Mehdi Mazloom

Q is that you AGAIN???????????????

by Mehdi Mazloom on

Did it ever occur to you that, this may very well be part  of an elaborate scheme of disinformation planted by the CIA Mossad MI6, and big bear in the north, designed to placate the Mullahs. put them to sleep

Com'on man use you head. Why would  they publish such sensitive info.

One way or another, these regime fate has already been decided. The real peace will come when Iranian people will have a secular government with democratic values, where people's wish are respected and responded to. This rugheads regime MUST go.