U.S. university chancellors to visit Iran
Tehran Times
22-Aug-2008 (3 comments)

Deputy Science Minister for International Affairs Arsalan Qorbani on Friday said the chancellors of 7 U.S. universities will visit Iran in November. “The Iranian and foreign experts’ presence in Iran is important because they become familiar with Iran’s scientific advances,” he told the Mehr News Agency.


not saying which ones

by Q on

This sounds like state department "basketball" diplomacy. But it's definitely a positive step for peace.



observer2: you can't "make" people love anything

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

and I don't think anybody stopped loving American people and Educational institutions anyway. We only hated the bombs and the CIA. Still do.


I hate to disapoint you but ...

by observer2 (not verified) on

more than forty years ago University of Pennsylvania and Kent State Uni had a systematic exchange of Professors and students programme with the most advanced university of those days, Pahlavi University of Shiraz. Yet, none of these succeeded in making Iranian students love Americans. If anything it did quite the opposite. History proves you wrong.

Keep dreaming Mr/Miss Q :))