No threat from Iran
The Guardian
11-Aug-2008 (3 comments)

Adel Darwish of the pro-Israeli lobby group Just Journalism says (Letters, August 8) that "a collection of western academics and journalists have busied themselves with the task of 'informing' everyone of the 'falsity' of the claim" that Iran's president threatened to attack and destroy Israel. This is a funny way of saying that people who actually speak Farsi have offered a correct translation of Ahmadinejad's words.

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The fact is

by Hajminator on


Since Khomeini, the propaganda against Israel was given by the Rahbar (Khomeini himself). At the moment, nobody cared to these darivariha as Iran wasn't considered as a counter balance power in the region.

Now, things are different, Iran helps Hamas, the Hezbollah, the army of mehdi, ... and is a real obstacle to the american dream of making the middle east their great middle east. The same rhetorics of Khomeini in the mouth of Mahmood serve neocons in general to make harsh statements against Iran.

But as Chirac, the former French president, said iranian missiles are targeted and will be destroyed before they leave the iranian frontiers. Mullahs aren't so stupid to put their existence in danger by firing 2-3 missiles which would never attain their destinations, capice?


Hitler was not that stupid either

by Sambal Kon (not verified) on

Sambalesh kon joonam sambalesh koon.

In the world, regardless of how akhoonds might say or act among thmesleves, people take every word you say seriously specially when you are the so called "elected" president of a county of 70 million and given a podium. They do not care if Mahmoud is Khamenii's stooge, scarecrow or whatever. To the world, president of a country is the head of the state. He is the one who keeps going to the UN, to different countries and represents Iran and Iranians.
Got it?

How many times someone's words can be twisted and changed by the world media while that someone keeps repeating the same thing over and over again?

I agree that Khameneii is the real power in Iran but have you heard the same Khameneii even once coming out to scorn Mahmoud or anybody else among the ruling elites for wanting the destruction of Israel?


They are not that stupid

by farokh2000 on

The Mullahs are criminal, for sure, but they are not that stupid to say they could destroy Israel or anybody else with that kind of fire power.

The Translators and Interpretors are the ones who twist things to benefit the forces that feed them.

Most of Ahmaghinejad's statements and words have been twisted and changed and the powers to be know that as well.

They also know that no matter what he says, it means nothing since he has no real power in Iran. It is the Mullahs and the head Mullah in Qom, who have all the power.