Iran sentences writer to 5 years prison
Hindustan Times
10-Aug-2008 (3 comments)

Iran sentences writer to 5 years prison

The lawyer for an Iranian novelist says his client has been sentenced to five years in prison for supporting anti-government demonstrations.

Yusef Azizi is a member of Iran's ethnic Arab minority and has written novels as well as non-fiction books.

His lawyer, Saleh Nikbakht, says an Iranian court found Azizi guilty Sunday of "supporting unrest" during two days of protests in 2005. The rallies took place in oil-rich Khuzestan province, where most of Iran's minority Arabs live.

Azizi remains free on bail, pending an appeal. Arabs make up about 3 percent of Iran's 70 million people.

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Shining Head

Re: I see that you're trying to (TO: Farhad Kashani )

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Any references (hopefully reliable ! ) on your ranking info?



Farhad Kashani

I see that you're trying to

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I see that you're trying to compare Iran's freedom of speech record with U.S'. Fair enough. Here you go:


U.S is ranked 48. Iran is 166, fourth from the bottom.



How long was ....

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How long was Judy Woodrof (spl?) of New York Times in Jail? and what happened after that again?