US-Israel, EU stance on Iran reek of hypocrisy!
peyvandNews/ Debbie Menon

US-Israel, EU stance on Iran reek of hypocrisy, when nuclear-armed Israel has a green light to continue its ridiculous policy of nuclear ambiguity and is not even being pressed to sign-up to the NPT. 

Noam Chomsky writes All Options On The Table; "NUCLEAR threats and counter-threats are a subtext of our times, steadily, it seems, becoming more insistent. The July meeting in Geneva between Iran and six major world powers on Iran's nuclear programme ended with no progress.  The Bush administration was widely praised for having shifted to a more conciliatory stand — namely, by allowing a US diplomat to attend without participating — while Iran was castigated for failing to negotiate seriously. And the powers warned Iran that it would soon face more severe sanctions unless it terminated its uranium enrichment programs. Meanwhile India was applauded for agreeing to a nuclear pact with the United States…."

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