Persia: Ancient Soul of Iran
National Geographic / Marguerite Del Giudice
09-Aug-2008 (one comment)

In fact, the first thing people said when I asked what they wanted the world to know about them was, "We are not Arabs!" (followed closely by, "We are not terrorists!").


Persia in National Geographic

by Saraamin on

I felt  over the moon seeing the picture of Persepolis on the cover while I was passing  through Book Store , In a world that everybody is talking about War and sanctions on my homeland ,I just can expect to see picture of Ahmadi Nejad on cover of all magazines .
I really appreciate National Geographic's good press on IRAN , I enjoyed reading every line of the article and seeing my Iran's map filled me with joy that still world cares about monuments of a great empire which had promoted peace through history , an indicator of possibility for all nations and religions , that all of us can live side by side , heart to heart .
 Thanks for this delicate piece  which was Journalistic-wise intact and human-wise touching .