Israel 'shooting' officer moved
bbc world news
07-Aug-2008 (one comment)

An Israeli officer accused of ordering a Palestinian prisoner to be shot in the foot has been transferred from his post, Israel's military says.

Col Omri Borberg was filmed holding the prisoner as a soldier under his command fired a rubber bullet at his feet.

He will be charged with "inappropriate behaviour" over the incident in the West Bank in July, Israeli media say.

Israeli human rights group B'Tselem says the military has been shamed by its failure to punish the crime.

"An army that treats the shooting of a bound detainee, from zero range as "inappropriate conduct" is disgracing the values it claims to hold," a statement released by the group says.

B'Tselem helped publicise the incident, which was filmed by a Palestinian civilian in the West Bank village of Nilin.

Nilin has been the scene of frequently violent protests against Israel's plans to pass its West Bank barrier through the village, cutting Palestinian residents off from the land they own.

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This is nothing!

by Huminist (not verified) on

This is nothing compare to what I saw on TV one time in which the Israeli soldiers were hitting a Palestinian man in his shoulder with a piece of a rock so his shoulder bone would break and he would lose the use of his shoulder.How much more humans have to suffer only god knows.