Salman Rushdie threatens to sue ex-guard over book
05-Aug-2008 (one comment)

LONDON (AP) — Author Salman Rushdie is threatening to sue a publisher over a book by a former bodyguard that he says portrays him as cheap, nasty and arrogant and depicts his police guards as drinking on duty...

Rushdie told The Guardian that the book portrayed him as "mean, nasty, tight-fisted, arrogant and extremely unpleasant." "In my humble opinion, I am none of those things." He said Evans' claims were "fictitious" and "absurd."

"I am not trying to prevent him from publishing this stupid book, but if they publish it there will be consequences and there will be a libel action," Rushdie was quoted as saying.


Yek suzan be khod, yek javalduz be digaran

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

It is fair for him to attack a person who died 1400 years ago and CANNOT defend himself but oh God forbid if anyone attacks his character. At least this fame-horney author is alive and has means to hire lawyers to stop "demeaning" comments about him. I guess freedom of speech goes only one way for him.