Students wearing ties risk not graduating
04-Aug-2008 (3 comments)

Tehran, 4 August (AKI) - Thirty-two students who showed up to their graduation ceremony with a tie run the risk of not graduating at all. For some in Iran, the tie is considered an extreme form of western cultural contamination. Thus in many cases, wearing a tie is thought to be a form of silent resistance against the forced Islamisation of society.

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Dumb and against the law

by Abarmard on

It is against the Law for the government of Iran to harass the students for wearing a tie. there are no laws in the country that states that. i hope that later they would sue.


Good for those who believe these garbages

by mostaghel on



Bowing seventeen times a day to Saudi Arabia is OK!!!!Shame

by Anonymous in Space (not verified) on

Just Shame for all Iranians.