Shahbanou Farah In Cairo
payvand / Darius KADIVAR
04-Aug-2008 (one comment)

It's a ritual that the Former Empress of Iran, Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi, has been honoring for the past 28 years, that of paying tribute to her Husband the late Shah of Iran Mohamed Reza Pahlavi (26 October 1919 - 27 July 1980). Beyond her pledge of loyalty to her late husband and message of continued solidarity with her countrymen and women in her homeland but also those who have been driven to exile, the annual trip is also an occasion for the former Empress to express her deep gratitude to the People of Egypt and one of its Great Leaders and Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Anwar El Sadat who was assassinated by Islamic Fundamentalists to his during the annual 6th October victory parade in Cairo.

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