Exxon Mobil Earns Record $11.7B in 2nd Quarter
Democracy Now
03-Aug-2008 (3 comments)

Meanwhile, analysts say Exxon Mobil spent just one percent of its $41 billion in profits last year on alternative energy sources.

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Disgusting.  Criminal.

by American Wife (not verified) on

Disgusting.  Criminal.


Thank you Mr. President!

by mammad nafti (not verified) on

Isn't it ironic that a president and his VP from Texas who happened to be in the oil business come to the office, and then the price of oil and profits of the oil companies (good old buddies)go to the roof all of the sudden? Is it just a coincidence? I don't think so.


Gas Prices hovering at $4

by Amir Nasiri (not verified) on

This is the 4th year that they showed record profit.

In the meantime average american is suffering.

I highly recoomend to all american a 3 day strike and blame it mainly on the oil companies