Ottawa rally for human rights in China
The Suburban / By Beryl Wajsman, Editor, The Suburban
02-Aug-2008 (2 comments)

What has taken shape is a two-stage demonstration. On Aug. 7, a day before the official opening of the Games, we will hold a press conference on Parliament Hill in the Charles Lynch Room in the Centre Bloc. After the conference we will proceed to meet the main body of demonstrators at the Chinese Embassy on St. Patrick Street. We will gather across the street from the main door of the Embassy. Nazanin will be the spokesperson for the rally.

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Ale will make a cat speak. A

by dfhr (not verified) on

Ale will make a cat speak. A hero is known in the time of misfortune. 张家界旅游


Nazanin: Very Proud of you.

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Thank you Darius for reporting it.

I wished we had more Iranian people interested in protesting against brutal regimes who also helping other oppressed regimes like IRI , Sudan, Burma, etc.