The only opposition leader outside Iran that have a chance but he will fail too.
02-Aug-2008 (2 comments)

The only opposition leader outside Iran that have a chance but he will fail too. 


Son of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shahanshah Aryamehr, King Of Iran is Reza Pahlavi II, now mostly a residence of USA is the only opposition figure outside of Iran that has a chance against the Iranian regime. But my guess is that he will unfortunately ultimately fail like the rest of the opposition groups.


Peoples Mujahedin (MKO) a very disciplined and organized opposition group had close ties to the revolutionary government. The main problem is that Mojahedin is not very different from this current government and in addition was allied with the arabs, Saddam Hossein. These two vital facts makes Mojahedin very unpopular. The sect of Rajavis are fortunately finished.


This leaves us with Reza Pahlavi II. RP strong pro democracy and civil disobedience not unlike Gandhis is a rational and a great opportunity. Bein a pro democracy RP has gained some support from the left too. However his opposition and ideoligy contains some weaknesses that can be traced back to his father.


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"we are not arabs" is one of the most common sentences among iranians. tell a great deal.


you can read the new nation geographic article on iran. 



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In the article says "most Iranians are anti-Arab". Not true, they are neutral towards Arabs NOT against.