Shooting Back: 100 cameras film Israeli occupation
The Real News Network / The Guardian
31-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

The Guardian: Shooting Back: Israeli occupation filmed by 100 Palestinian cameras In a graphic and hard-hitting film, Peter Beaumont speaks to Palestinians filming abuse from settlers and Israeli armed forces as part of a remarkable project called Shooting Back


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fascist occupation

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

This sort of SYSTEMATIC and disgusting fascist occupation and ethnic cleansing has been going on for half a century by the IDF and fanatical Zionist terrorists (and they ask why they hate us). These are crimes against humanity that do not get playtime in the Western media. Where are these images on the CBS, the NBC, the ABC, the FOX and the CBC? But unless you wipe out an entire population you can never subjugate them, not that Israel hasn’t tried that. You have to hand it to the Palestinians, even the Arab haters on this site; they are a tough bunch to withstand these kinds of savage acts. But let's not forget that these cameras were distributed by a Jewish organization, Israelis themselves and they should be commended for this. All power to them.


In Short

by The Prince (not verified) on

I beleive the real Israeli goverment's mission is to make Hitler "Roo Sefeed"!! And the're pretty good at it too. I am sure he is thanking them from down there!!