Salman Rushdie says the internet can defeat tyranny
30-Jul-2008 (one comment)

Sir Salman Rushdie says he may write a book about the fatwa imposed on him 20 years ago after the publication of his novel The Satanic Verses.

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For a million bucks

by ThePope on

I wonder if Khomeini ever read that book!!? Most of the muslim fanatics didn't read the novel cuz they "BELIEVED" it was blasphemous...!

This time, Khamenei will give a fatwa to all "GOOD MUSLIMS(!)" to kill Rushdie and his publishers for insulting the great ayatoilette Khomeini!

PS There's a shrine in Tehran for the terrorist shahid(!) mostafa mazeh who killed himself while he was attempting to blow up S.Rushdie! But instead, he blew himself up. What an idiot! And what a" baa-mazeh" way to die!! :) ...,,,to blow yourself up for a million bucks!!

Another terrorist respected and honoured by IRI and today is a role model for the basiji and sepahi brothers...


Kill free speech

as an example

hang the corpse

for all to see

kill all hope

of restitution

and all

who dare oppose me. -imam khomeini