Females rank first in Iran's university entrance exam
Mehr News
29-Jul-2008 (one comment)

TEHRAN, July 28 (Mehr News Agency) -- Comprising 55% of Iranian University Entrance Exam top passers, females ranked first in the academic year of 1387-88 (2008-2009). 20 out of 36 top successful qualifiers in five fields of mathematics, natural sciences, humanities, arts, and foreign languages, were females.

Three out of 10 top exam passers in mathematics were female and seven male.

In humanities, the success rate was completely vice versa, three males and seven females.

And all the three top passers in foreign languages were male, while in arts all were female

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What is there to gloat about?

by I wonder (not verified) on

Yeah and how reliable is Mehr News?

I am sure one of these days this Mehr News will also report that Iran under her mullah rulers has turned into the super power of the world and then you come here and proudly report it. hahhahahahhahahahhahahaha

Besides, even if we believe that crap, what good would that education do when there are no jobs for male university graduates when they finish their so called education, let alone female graduates in a country whose prehistoric laws clearly state that women are second class citizens and a head and shoulder below men? Are they supposed to use that education in the kitchen or in the bed?