Boy killed in West Bank protest
bbc world news
29-Jul-2008 (5 comments)

Israeli troops have shot dead a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during a protest against Israel's barrier in the occupied West Bank, medics say.

The Israeli military said it was investigating what had happened.

It happened at Nilin village, west of Ramallah, where peace activists say Israel is taking 25 hectares of land from villagers to build the barrier.

The Israeli army is replacing the main access road to the village with a tunnel under military control.

Activists say the plan will have the effect of turning Nilin into a prison. Israel says the barrier and other construction work is necessary for security reasons.

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Dose of reality

by Nauseated (not verified) on

AND I assure you that for as long as those most primitive minds buy your crap of "fighting for freedom", the civilized world will go on fighting you and your kind tooth and nail dear " Mostaghel" (lol)

P.S. I forgot to mention that those Palestinian friends, neighbors and acquaintances of mine have their entire families living next to them safe and sound in Euorpe and America. I guess they'd rather stay on the sideline and see those inside Gaza and West Bank to do their "freedom fighting" for them by blowing up themselves and other innocent civilians.

They kind of remind me of mullah rulers of Iran who always stay on the sideline and send others to do their fighting for them, as they did during the Iran-Iraq war, sending other people's children (certainly not their own) with made-in Taiwan "Paradise entrance" keys tied around their necks to walk on mined fields.



by mostaghel on

There must be a difference even in most primitive minds between 'freedom fighting" to free up ones' land, property, and nation from occupiers, with that of terror!


What can one expect?

by Nauseated (not verified) on

Those looney Palestinians do not want peace man, of course I am sure that there are also looney radical Israelis who do not wnat peace either.

I have got several Palestinian friends, neighbors, and aquaintances who are well educated, seem quite westernized and live in Eurpoe And America. Unfortunately they all say that this conflict and bloodshed MUST continue regardless of how many innocent civilians on both side are killed, until Palestinians drive all Israelis out of "their land" and out of Israel or Palestine as they call it!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I ask them why can't you live side by side in peace with Israelis in two separate states so that your children and Israelis' can have a real future? They respond why should they when they can defeat and take over Israel by their sheer numbers.

They claim each Plestinian family has least 9 or 10 kids but Israeli families have only one or two kids at most, therefore, Palestinains can sustain more casualties and drag this war for as long as it takes to defeat Israelis!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I get so nauseated whenever I hear that.

This is the mentality of the so called cream of the crop of the Palestinian society so what can one



by XerXes (not verified) on

You really don't see enough reports about "arab" or "Palestinian" terrorists? Where do you live or are you for real? Last time I checked, your people have taken a land full of people and those people are now either dead or in some refugee camp that you don't dare to live for even one day. Are you for real?



by YahudiNaKalami (not verified) on

dear editor,

I wonder if your headlines are as equally dispassionate and measured (!) when you report the ongoing terrorist war that daily and purposefully targets Jews?

Oh but wait...that would actually assume you REPORT those atrocities.

never mind.