Law Professor: Iran Should Sue U.S. in World Court to Stop Threats of Attack
huffington post / Robert Naiman
28-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

There's a week left to the ultimatum that the Bush administration and its European friends gave to Iran to respond to the "freeze for freeze" proposal under which for six weeks Iran would freeze the expansion of its enrichment program and the U.S. would freeze the expansion of sanctions. Under the proposal, during the six weeks of the "freeze," pre-negotiations would take place that could lead to formal talks. The catch from the Iranian point of view is that the Bush administration has not changed its position that in order for formal talks to start, Iran must suspend the enrichment of uranium.

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That is a great idea. Israel

by aaa (not verified) on

That is a great idea. Israel and the US can counter sue the Islamic Republic and we can all watch it on Court TV. I can't wait.


Double standards

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

Would the "international community" (read the US, the UK and Sarkozy) demand a freeze on any new Jewish settlements in the West bank?