Iowa meatpacking plant raid uncovers swarm of illegal immigrants, underage workers
28-Jul-2008 (6 comments)

While federal prosecutors are primarily focusing on immigration charges, they may also be looking into labor violations. Search warrant documents filed in court before the raid, which was May 12, cited a report by an anonymous immigrant who was sent to work in the plant by immigration authorities as an undercover informant. The immigrant saw “a rabbi who was calling employees derogatory names and throwing meat at employees.” Jewish managers oversee the slaughtering and processing of meat at Agriprocessors to ensure kosher standards. In another episode, the informant said a floor supervisor had blindfolded an immigrant with duct tape. “The floor supervisor then took one of the meat hooks and hit the Guatemalan with it,” the informant said, adding that the blow did not cause “serious injuries.”

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Illegal immigrants are not

by Majid on

Illegal immigrants are not "ALL" that bad in USA, as long as they are like.........Christopher Columbus! (the very FIRST ONE) !

OOOOOPS!!!!!!!!!!............he "DISCOVERED" America !......"like there was noone living there before"!!

You know what? ........I wonder why some people who "DISCOVER" a bank once in a while go to jail and not being recognized as a HERO???????? 

Shiny Head

Re: whats your message

by Shiny Head on

He probably is telling zio-nazis (plenty on to know their background and some of their people..



jojo (not verified)

بدبختهایه بیچاره!


numerous jewish based scams

by no_name (not verified) on

Looks like we are not the only bad guys. But heaven forbid if anyone dare to write about it.

But hey this is not as bad, as the jewish guy who stole the "" domain name and moved to Mexico to make millions a year. Or the guy who is selling bogus stuff as natural Viagra, or the guy who is selling scammed nail fungus remedy or the guy who is selling the penile enlargement scam.

There are a lot of decent and hard working jews, but also a lot of scums. Who use their past to scam people and make millions of dollars.

If you want to get sick, just read about how they plundered Russia during the Yelstin years. Of course no one dares to write about it.


Guess what his message is

by John on

Probably he wants to reiterate his beliefs about the superiority of Iranians (and of everyone else) to the horrible Zionist Jewish bogeymen.


whats your message

by Anonymous11 (not verified) on

What does this have to do with Iraninans????