Who runs it?
The Economist
25-Jul-2008 (2 comments)

Iranians have long accepted that the leading clergy have deep pockets, but it is rare for insiders such as Mr Palizdar to name names. Some Western experts on Iran, such as Gary Sick, of Columbia University in New York, who served in the National Security Council under Presidents Ford, Carter and Reagan, interpreted it as an extraordinary display of ambition by Mr Ahmadinejad. “At a minimum, [he] is carrying out a direct challenge to Khamenei and the old-guard leadership,” he wrote. “At a maximum, [it is] a slow-motion coup in which he gradually accumulates more and more power to himself and to the presidency.”




مگر نه دايي جان



It has been known!

by ali reza (not verified) on

It has been known that people like Rafsanjani is one of the Iranian millioners.His money and others in the government probably is in a Swiss banks under their relatives names.When bad comes to worse all they have to do is to get rid of their religious grubs and head toward Europe or may be USA.At the end people are the big losers like it always has been.I remmeber reading about the late Shah daughter who passed away in London .According to BBC prior to her passing she was living in a hotel and was paying $ 700 a night for that hotel.I am wondreing where this money come from, unless it was Iranian people's money.