Iran accuses Charlton Athletic, for pulling out of a friendly match
18-Jul-2008 (4 comments)

Iran's national football federation has launched a protest against the English Championship side, Charlton Athletic, for pulling out of a friendly match.

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Khaaaaaak bar sar-e I.R.I.F.F.

by ThePope on

They (IRIFF) practically have to beg for some friendly game and as usual the foreign teams try to avoid the Iranian teams with any kind of excuse(s). And Iran just can do shit about it.

Why don't they (IRIFF), as usual, just pay some "cheap" football federation in order to schedule a friendly game. And still at the end, the IRIFF will be nagging about why the main players of that team were not present for the friendly match!

I wonder when was the last time a "class A" football team played a friendly game with IR Iran. Seriously, who really wants to play against Iran, mostly inside Iran where they
have to listen to 15 mins. of Quran before the game starts! The IRIFF not only has a bad image in AFC, but they're also gaining a bad reputation world wide (FIFA).

Also khak bar sar-e Ali Kafashian, the "hand pick" president of IRIFF.


ps: 2007-8 champions, Perspolis fc R U L E S

kaleh dar

could it be...

by kaleh dar on

could it be that we are not an example of a very friendly nation ,, I mean with all those Arbadeh Keshi about wiping this and that nation from face of the earth and firing all those rockets to six different direction...playing a friendly game with us , is not on top of their agenda.

K Nassery

Maybe, they didn't look on it as a friendly game.

by K Nassery on

It seems that the arrangements fell through. Too bad.  The British might not like all of the threats and the insults from Iran.  Maybe, they don't think Iranians are friendly. 

Was this last year when an Iranian refused to wrestle with an Israeli?  There have been instances of Iranians doing this sort of thing with officially assigned matches. 

 It's just a football game, it's not that important.


Missile tests and football

by Abarmard on

This is the first. Too bad, Iran needs all the experience it can get. Anyways, I believe if it was Iran that canceled, they would've been fined and that's not fair.