Dr Michael DeBakey
12-Jul-2008 (8 comments)

Dr Michael DeBakey, the pioneering heart surgeon who gained fame for his procedures developing bypass surgery,and also personal physician to the Shah of Iran has died at the age of 99.

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Never mind him

by ThePope on

...Hassan Agha. You're totally right. It's just lol.

Our dear friend, J.C. the 3rd, is just like that. You know, He'll come up with any outdated arguments to bash our own past... He likes to kill our past "glory".

He (JC3) even compares The Shah to Hitler or others like him by calling the poor King a dictator! What a disgrace to kill your own national pride with unjustifiable hatred. No other society has ever done such a thing like some "Iraninans"... Ah! never mind it.




by Hassan Agha (not verified) on

one should be quite desperate and uninformed to bring up "Microsoft Encarta" as his source of information! Apparently "Microsoft Encarta" is as buggy and out of date as Microsoft Windows are... continuously updated yet full of bugs and in need of further revisions!


Regarding Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi

by John Carpenter III (not verified) on

Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi is an American citizen. He was also a big supporter of Dr. Mossadegh.
What happened in 1979 was for the best.
The Pahlavis were dictators.
Microsoft Encarta, an online encyclopedia that is owned by Microsoft which was started by the richest man in the world Bill Gates states so.

"By the mid-1970s the shah reigned amidst widespread discontent caused by the continuing repressiveness of his regime, socioeconomic changes that benefited some classes at the expense of others, and the increasing gap between the ruling elite and the disaffected populace."

repressiveness is mentioned above. I don't say it, Microsoft Encarta writes it!

for the site: //encarta.msn.com/encyclopedia_761575287/Reza...

You just can't make this stuff up.

This is fact based.


Merci DK , c'est bon de se rappeler...

by ThePope on

Merci beaucoup pour les infos., surtout sur le con Yazdi-e tork-e khar-e vatan foroush et aussi pour le lien pour son maudite biographie de "poignardeur"!

Yes, Dr. M. DeBakey was a great heart surgeon and a pioneer to replace or repair blood vessels, an innovator and a medical educator. God bless his soul.

But, our late Shah was a good, soft-hearted king and a pionner of modern Iran and an innovator of Iran's education system. God bless his soul. Hope one day soon we'll be able to bring him back in good old Persia where he can RIP in his own land. -Amen.

Unbelievable to see that still some "shiny heads" have complexes towards the last Persian King, the late Shah, after all the nightmares we went through since the day He left Iran.


PS et n'oublions pas Dr. Jean Bernard qui a...



...while alot of lives were lost by the shah...

by Anonymousam (not verified) on

Do you really know how many lives were lost by the shah?

Or let me put it another way...

Do you know how many lives would have been saved by the shah, had he remained alive and stopped the revolution from happening?

Or yet another way...

Do you know how many lives were saved by the shah by stopping khomeini from take-over of the country in 1963 and delaying it until 1979 assuming that it was the same innocent khomeini with the same pattern of behavior in either case?



by afshin on

I equally despise Mr. Yazdi, but for the record he was not a physician and never took the Hippocratic Oath.  He was a geneticist.  On the note, isn't it interesting someone that was instrumental in continuing the US Embassy hostage crisis in Iran was allowed to come to the United States for treatment and remain here for over a year?  Yet immigration officers give a hard time to grand parents carrying ajeel.

Darius Kadivar

He Mentions it Shiny Head ...

by Darius Kadivar on

You don't seem to listen or watch the news being posted due to your own prejudice.If you watch the video report on the BBC he clearly points to a photo of his team which worked with him to remove the Shah's Spleen. The Shah was being treated by DeBakey who also tested some of his revolutionary anti rejection drugs on the Shah hoping to acheive what he became a major authority : Organ Transplant. Needless to say that by the time he operated the Shah, the latter's condition was too bad to succeed. You can thank Ibrahim Yazdi who insisted on having the Shah out of the United States regrdless of his medical condition. An Irony given that Mr. Yazdi ( better known for sending dozens of brave Iranian generals and ministers of the Shah to the gallows than as the leading reformist he has become ) has seeked Medical treatement last year also for Cancer. It seems that some criminals like Mr. Yazdi have benefited from a priviledge they so harshly denied a sick monarch to have.

Not Very Ethical of "Agha Doctor" Ibrahim Yazdi himself a US Graduate and Medical Doctor if you ask me ... 

Isn't there something called the Hippocratic Oath ? But I supposed it was something you and Mr. Yazdi never heard of ...

Also this is mentioned in The Book by William Shawcross:

Shah's Last Ride 

Dr DeBakey was amongst several doctors who were mentioned in Willian Shawcross' Best Selling Biography "The Shah's Last Ride" and particularly

In October 1979, in desperate need of treatment, the Shah was allowed to enter the U.S. temporarily. By the time he checked into New York Hospital, he had an international collection of physicians. Shawcross's last chapters reverberate with the clash of medical opinions and large egos. When things sorted out, the Shah was back in Egypt, where his spleen was removed by the renowned Texas heart surgeon Michael DeBakey. The procedure also revealed fatal malignancies of the liver.On July 27, 1980, Radio Tehran announced the death of "the bloodsucker of the century."

Shiny Head

World remembers him for ....

by Shiny Head on

Dr De Bakey is remembered for his pioneering work in heart surgery. How did Shah aldang get into the picture? A lot of people's lives were saved by Dr DeBakey, while alot of lives were lost by the shah. Lets not put their names in the same sentence.