Professor Muhammad Sahimi challenges assumptions about Iran's nuclear program
The Real News Network
11-Jul-2008 (3 comments)

Iran wants to put itself in a position such that if an international crisis arises and there is an external threat to the national security of Iran, Iran can be in a position to make a nuclear weapon in an emergency as a deterrent against a foreign threat. Otherwise, Iran has no intention whatsoever of making a nuclear weapon, because Iranian leaders are fully aware that if they cross the line and somehow they make nuclear weapon, that will start a very bad nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which will ultimately will not be in Iran's benefit or in any body's benefit in that region.

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What side on you on?

by Ali reza (not verified) on

Having access to nuclear technology depends on what side you are on.If you are on USA and European side ,you can have nuclear technology or even nuclear weapons,but if you are a country like Iran who want to use nuclear technology just to generate electricity you would be accused of a clandestine activity.Peace on Earth


Islamist sitting in the sin city of LA instead of holy mecca!

by Anonymous wow (not verified) on

These are of the same crowd who brought us the ugly arab&leftist coup of 1979 and 30 years of disaster and then were the first ones to run away; now they are preaching their non-sense to people who are being robbed by day and raped by night by fascist islamists occupying iran.

What a fraud!


I am glad that I am not in his student....

by aaj sr (not verified) on

Before attacking me.
I am against war and sanction.
I am agianst IRI, and pro democracy and secular regime. I am for united Iran.

professor needs to become student again,

The regime is not a trust worthy government.
A country who's leaders believe in "taghiyeh" is not trust worthy
Leaders of a country where they offered many promises before and after revolution and did nothing about them is not trusted to be given a technology where they can abuse it, this applies to any country, be it Iran or any other country.
A country where they do not realize and respect their own signatures in UN and other international places is not worth talking to them, period.
The professor is so naive saying B.S. I am glad I am not his student.
Last word: a historical track record of a person a business, an association and a country will tell a lot about what will happen next in same or similar situation. A country where it's leaders abusing the authorities and chock their citizen under pretext of religion is not real representative of the nation they are governing and thus is not trust worthy to give them a sensitive, dangerous multi purpose technology.
We need regime and constitution change.