Israel hints at pre-emptive attack on Iran
The Independent
11-Jul-2008 (one comment)

The sabre-rattling over Iran's nuclear progamme has grown louder as a defiant Tehran claimed to have conducted missile tests for a second day running, the US warned that it would defend its interests and its allies in the region, and Israel hinted it was ready to stage a preventive attack to destroy Iranian nuclear installations.


With the latest tests – and the wide front-page coverage given to them by the national media – Tehran is signalling it will not be cowed by international pressure to end a programme which the West suspects is aimed at producing nuclear weapons, and that any attack by the US or Israel will be answered in kind.


How about Summer 2006 Defeat in Lebanon ?

by Malekeh_ on

Zio-Nazis have forgotten tha a bunch of rag tag army in Lebanon (called Hezbollah) wrap them up. They don't know what will be coming to them if they attack Iran.