Trita Parsi talks about the effect of threats on Iranian public opinion
The Real News Network
07-Jul-2008 (one comment)

The latest report by Seymour Hersh in

 The New Yorker confirmed that the US is involved in counterinsurgency and black ops inside Iranian territory. The report came out just weeks after the AIPAC policy conference, where presidential hopeful John McCain told crowds that a nuclear-armed Iran is a danger we cannot allow and that Iran poses an existential threat to the state of Israel, underlining his camp's demonizing of Iran. Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council, says this is the continuation of a failed policy which has "imposed a significant cost on the Iranian people", but not translated into a change in the policies of the Iranian government. According to Parsi, sanctions have the most influence in the context of a negotiation, and McCain has made it clear – he will never go to the table. >>>
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I agree with Mr. Parsi

by Abarmard on

He is right in my opinion