Spielberg Helps National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia
05-Jul-2008 (one comment)

A foundation created by director Steven Spielberg has given $1m (£504,377) to the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

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Why is this of interest to Iranians?

by Songstress (not verified) on

1.) Spielberg is not an Iranian. Although a few Iranians were or are Iranians, this event does not tie Iranians and Jews. 2.) Spielberg has a love-hate relationship with his own Jewishness. On the one hand, his projects promulgate the myth that the Jew is the victim and never the victimizer. Mind you, I have not seen Munich. Is it an exception? On the other hand, in his own private life, he left his Jewish (and Jewish-looking) wife or his current Christian-born, Nordic-looking wife. Some of my Jewish friends have expressed that this is/was a slight affront to Jewesses.