US says Israel-Iran story false
01-Jul-2008 (3 comments)

The US state department has criticised reported comments by a defence official that it was increasingly likely Israel would attack Iran in the coming months.

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by American Wife (not verified) on

good point.


Who said there will be war?

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

All western nations are gearing up for regime change in Tehran. After which a secular and democratically elected government will stop all Iran's military nuclear activities. drop its support of Hizbollah and Hamas. Forge peace with Israel and US.

Why punish 70M Iranian be-gonaha. Just mop the Mullah off the stage and be done with them.


intense propoganda

by shirazie (not verified) on

Funny only we talk about war with Iran

No major news media talks about it..

is this done by bunch of unemployed people calling themselves BLOGGERS spread false news?