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23-Jun-2008 (one comment)


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our time, when inter-religious and interethnic conflicts shaken the
world when liberals call for understanding on the basis of abstract
universal values, and the Communists declare class solidarity, when the
nation is indifferent to these calls of hatred, not even cracked
religions and sects, not even political ideas, and fantasies of their
"little Fuhrer", it is time to recall the racial idea. In this case,
the idea of unity on the Aryan race, which owns the vast territory of
Europe and Asia.



  Arias: a return to unity.


Who expensive of all human beings? Of course, his loved ones. This
sense of responsibility for loved ones and naturally there was no
disputing it. Why does someone challenged the racial idea? After all,
it lies at the core of the same healthy sense of family love to
razrossheysya in the great community of nations once a small family.
This feeling of kinship, simple and pure - a law of nature, rather than
the reflection of politicians and theologians.



by dunyash on

Light from the East
Year Aryan civilization


In 2006 declared the President of Tajikistan Emomali Rakhmonov Year Aryan civilization, and currently being prepared for activities, honors Arianu, a civilization that has arisen on the lands of today's Tajikistan, Iran and Afghanistan, many millennia ago. I think this event will be significant not only for Tajikistan, but for many people in Europe and Asia. But the reaction to the initiative of Tajik President of the democratic press has been mixed. In his article reviews several advocates cite "liberal" values of the book Rakhmonov: "The Tajiks in the mirror of history: from the Aryans to Samanids"


Vnutrirasovye conflicts and Russian nationalism.


As a Russian nationalist, a man who believes his friends sometimes accused of inciting interethnic strife fellow, I do not want to circumvent such topics as radical slogan: "Russia for Russians". Why and by whom we are obliged to say so? Is there a way out of the vicious circle of hatred? Indeed, it is impossible to forget: the true nationalism implies respect for other peoples, although priority is their own interests.

The slogan "Russia - for the Russians" was born instinct of self-nation set in the brutal conditions of contemporary realities. His our ns (National Socialists) explain a few simple reasons: first - guests from CIS and the Caucasus to occupy those jobs and apartments, which should belong to Russian. The second - a large proportion of visitors, not being experts in any field, adds the ranks of criminal associations, is the spread of narcotics, robbery, someone helps terrorists from Chechnya. And so on…

  Our Government initially did not control who specifically come to Russia, then law enforcement agencies and citizens are faced with the shaft of crime. Politics seated in the Kremlin irresponsible and hostile to the people of the Russian authorities forced the youth to stand to defend their nation. A solution to the problem simply, if the Kremlin is indeed called for order and harmony in inter-ethnic relations: should have been traced to Russia came worthy representatives of their people: students, who will study at our universities and returned to their homeland privezut not only knowledge but and respect for Russia, experts of various professions for cooperation in science and business that will strengthen the connection of our states and republics; artists: writers, actors, singers, which expands the cultural horizons of our peoples. Then, the epitome of guest from the East to the Russians will not cut homeless with marijuana in his pocket and not arrogant small tradesman, and intellectual and a decent citizen of their homeland. And before you say "Russia for Russians" must understand that the important slogan "Russia - Russian power", like other peoples need for national power, rather than surrogates of America.

* * *

Continuing through the press right to the term "Aryan unity" Russian nationalists can not circumvent the fact that there are a number of great people of the East, who are nationals of States and arias with the history of ascending to our common roots. And fair to all equally considered enemies?

I say this with associates and heard in response: Yes, they arias, but it is better not to raise this topic. Because it is difficult? Because then may turn out that Russian Aryans in the lane pokolotili Aryans, for example, from Ossetia? Because it easier to turn a blind eye to facts and insist the same thing: Europe, Europe. Be on the map and there is a range of Aryan States and instead of India, Iran, Tajikistan, where black holes. Be what we are somewhat different in appearance - stamp chuzhdosti. But the image of the ideal of Europe, which vospevaet our nationalist press, far from the real image of Europe, who delivered the "new world order" before the peoples of Russia and Eastern Europe thrives in a real drug addiction, homosexuality, primitive pursuit of pleasure, art degraded in a demonstration own complexes and cracking psyche, and its state obediently involved in the adventures of America, sending troops to Iraq, bravely defend their independence, encourage the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians, subjected to genocide in the land of their ancestors.

And Russia in search of allies should not look to Europe, which is undergoing a period of spiritual degradation, but on sunny East. As to the relationship to the nation, his living, it does not need to fall into extremes. There are nelyubimoy me in the Bible and a few good phrases such as "separate the grain from the scales", from scales, then - from the debris. Aryan peoples from the Aryan not for ourselves, we must isolate and go for an alliance with them. When the state of hostility are the representatives of Aryan people of the East or West, this is not ethnic conflicts, and vnutrirasovy. And this - our common tragedy. And it is necessary to solve this problem without waiting for our hopeless government initiatives, which can only stamp the laws against Russian fascism, which supposedly terrible German. (Not terrible, it should be, and justice). We would like to see representatives of Aryan peoples, regardless of whether they are from the West or the East, feel equally comfortable and Moscow, and in Dushanbe, and in Vladikavkaz. This Aryan world, and he - for the Aryans, for the people of one blood, which should mutually respect and support.

* * *

But what can we do to our peoples have reached an understanding, because in the way that we do not help the professional politicians who are concerned only his rank, will not help the democratic press, which earns money, povestvuya on people's tragedies?

We must create political organizations to not only protect the national interests of their peoples, but also assert the idea of racial unity. After all, if these organizations focused only on their nation, we will oppose each other, and turn into savages separatists. Any revolution and reform once thought only one person. We must deal with ideology. We are accessible online, where we can go supporters among young people, build its network of media organizations to form and carry out joint actions then. And it does not matter that the victory was far - no prowess that reach a simple goal, because we arias and we have the will to power, to ways beyond the ordinary. And who, if not we will change this world? Ideological Front opens first. And whether we have the right to give up, not starting the fight? I am reminded of the words from the ancient epic: "I odoleli we are our enemies, because we are Russian, and our enemies - no". Appealing to racial ideology, we awakens a memory of blood, the same noble blood in the veins vskipala Aryan heroes when something comes into the battle for space native land, for the honour and glory. Their courage and wisdom to us, it is necessary only to realize it. Case arena - to assert the truth. We must firmly say: I odoleem our enemies, because we - arias, and our enemies - not!

Over the Aryan unity!