Iran says attack by Israel 'impossible'
21-Jun-2008 (7 comments)

The statement follows reports in the US media that Israeli aerial manoeuvres over the eastern Mediterranean were a possible test-run for a strike on Iran.


boloff mizanan baba

by Parham on

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Slight correction

by Parham on

"Kalimi" is not a derogatory word.


Reply to KB.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

As far as Iran and it relationship with its neighbors in the region. It can be summed up with few words.

Iranian people are liked and well respected by all, including us the Israelis.
(I wonder how many young Iranians are aware that, before the fall of the late Shah, for over 25 years Israeli experts where helping and advising Iranian farmers in areas of Agricultural technology. All those drip irrigations you there in Iran, they were installed by Israelis - And what do we get in return from these mullahs? Ungratefulness.)

The regime in Tehran is not only disliked by the Arabs in the region, it is hated by 80% of the Iranian themselves. Distrusted by the rest of the world.

In regards to Israeli action against Iran. heck, after all this akh-mag-e-nedjat is begging for it. Otherwise, what reason he has to hate the Israelis, except for his backward and barbaric theocratic religious belief. Somebody ought to tell that heard of cattle who rule the Iranian that, those days of Islamic glory days of bygone era are gone forever. Today if they want to be honored, they have to earn the respect of others.

Whether I care about Iran or Israel. Well, considering the Jews experience in Iran, being called with derogetory names like "kallimi" ve "Kessif". After which they forced out of their hmes and the country with their suit cases in hand, it does not live much sympathy in anyon's heart and mind for those Muslim majorities who treat their minorities with such ugly and demeaning manners.

my most sympathy for your family in Iran. They also must be suffering from these backward Mullahs. perhaps they should rise up and throw the bums in Tehran out and replace them with secular and level headed leadership who can live in peace with their neighbors.

Finally. na-tars akha. Israel will not drop bombs in the major streets in Tehran or Kashan. The objective will be to remove the Mullahs power base (IRG) which keep them in power, then let the students and other freedom loving Iranians to mop these tarbush-ha out of the country and replace it with democratic system of government.


KB banamak

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Sale 1991 Bushe pedar be yeki az hamin dalghaka goft, wait, watch, and learn. Hala to bache akhund ham wait, watch, and learn.


M Mazloom, the Mullahs are right

by KB on

Mehdi (or should I say Yaaghoob ),

Here is why the Mullahs may have got this right.

Lets suppose for a minute that Israel attacks Iran. Lets suppose with the help of the US they are able to do serious damage to Iran’s nuclear and military infrastructure, what then?

Leaving aside how the Iranians might retaliate (and I believe, they will with all their power), how would the rest of Muslim world react to this. An attack on Iran would almost guarantee that Israelis will never feel secure inside or outside of their country. It will be seen as another act of aggression by the Israelis towards another Muslim country.

You can not compare Saddam 1981 regime to Iran today, hell you can not compare 1981 to today. In 1981 the Iranian revolution was only two years old, Hezbullah was not even born the Soviet Union was occupying Afghanistan, Al-Jazeera and the internet did not exist and America was a different type of power.

Your assessment of the Arab countries is also wrong. Despite what the so called “friendly Arab” governments say, on the Arab streets there is immense resentment towards Israel today and actually a lot of support for Iran. Should Israel attack, we may well see unrest in the region and other countries may well get dragged into this conflict due to pressure by the people. Or worse, there may be Islamist revolutions in the region. A country of 8 million ( of which at least 1.5 m are Arabs) would struggle to survive amongst hundreds of millions people in her neighborhood who want her gone.

I do have a question though, why do we only get threats, aggression and violence out of Israel? It clearly has not worked in the past 60 years, if anything it has gotten worse. Isn’t it time for a brave leader out of Israel to reach out for peace with countries in the region ?

Oh by the way you clearly care more about Israel than Iran and Iranians. Like you we do not like the regime in Iran but Unlike you we have family and friends in Iran and care about them. Any kind of attack on Iran would bring death destruction and misery and we do not like that.



by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

back in 1981, the timing and manner by which Israel moved in on Iraq to remove yet another ominous threat against itself. That was a surprise, but the writings the wall were not surprise. Just about everyone around the ME & EU knew what was Saddam's real agenda. Israel made it absolutely clear, they will not allow Saddam to posses nuke. They made good on their promise.

You will be surprised to learn that, while they showed hostilities to Israel in public, most Arab states in the Gulf region kissed the Israelis on the chic and thanked them for removing Saddam's menace from the region. I gues we will never know how much these states had helped Israel with their successful operation.

Today we are facing the same brand of Saddam, and the same fear of instability for the region, if and when Iran does posses to the region. The same Arabs are now hoping Israel will relieve them of Iranian threat. Can anyone be sure the same Arab sheiks are not helping Israel to rid the region of the lunatics in Tehran.


These bloodsuckers are not

by Hajminator on

These bloodsuckers are not bluffing but just sucking ... It's not because they are planning a good time to attack that they have not done it before, they don't attack because they can't. When they attacked the Irankien nulcear facilities in early 1980's, they have done it by surprise. All these 'alam-shingueh' mean that they won't attack.