More than 20 Currently Detained.
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20-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Harassment of Baha’is is pervasive and becoming worse. In recent months, many, many incidents of the following types of persecution have been reported all across Iran:

  • Arrests and detention, with imprisonment lasting for days, months, or years. In cases where the Baha’i is released, substantial bail is often required.
  • Direct intimidation and questioning by authorities, sometimes with the use of high-intensity lights and physical mistreatment.
  • Searches of homes and business, usually with Baha’i books and other items confiscated.
  • School expulsions and harassment of schoolchildren.
  • Prohibition on Baha’is attending universities.
  • Court proceedings where Baha’is are accused of promoting propaganda against the government “for the benefit of the Bahaist sect.
  • Monitoring of the bank accounts, movements, and activities of Baha’is, including official questioning of Baha’is requiring them to give information about their lives, actions, neighbors, etc.
  • Denial or confiscation of business licenses.
  • Denial of work opportunities in general.
  • Denial of rightful inheritances to Baha’is.
  • Physical assaults, and efforts to drive Baha’is out of towns and villages.
  • Desecration and destruction of Baha’i cemeteries, and harassment over burial rights.
  • Dissemination, including in official news media... >>>
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Will our Baha’i friends in Iran ever have peace?

by Atoosa Daughter of Persia (not verified) on

Throughout history, Iranian Baha’is have not only faced consistent and humiliating abuses, but were also denied their right to live as many of them have been executed.

A ‘Minorities At Risk‘[1] study have provided a 10-year chronology of the Baha’is in Iran[2], which is worth looking at if you are interested in Baha’i human rights abuses within Iran.





I sincerely hope to see the day when my Baha’i friends will be able to live in peace like they deserve to.