Exercise intended to demonstrate the seriousness of Israel's concern
20-Jun-2008 (5 comments)

Israel has carried out an exercise that appears to have been a rehearsal for an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities, US officials have told the New York Times.

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I support an attack from Israel

by Arash Kamangir (not verified) on

Israel cannot and will not co-exist with an ultra religeous regime who openly threatens to wipe out its very existance. Not after holacaust, anyway.
Israel has the right to defend itself against a regime who has taken the iranian people hostage and planning to take other nations hostage with the help of nuclear bombs. We the iranians in exile should understand this and support Israel in its fight against tyrants in Tehran.

Long live Israel and death to Mullahs


I would not underestime the Israelis

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Take Iran & Israel's military record from past 30 years, and compare their respective accomplishments. No one knows the regime in Tehran inside out as much as the Israelis do.
All Israel needs to do, is to take out the base on which these Mullahs stand on - The revolutionary guards.

Knowing Israeli might, and world class military planning and execution which they are known for. They leave no room for failure. IAF will not be the only force which will take down the Mullahs. It is almost gurrantied that, the aerial attack will be only part of an overall strategy to topple this regime and let moderate Iranian leaders wating in the wing (Inside and outside Iran) to step in.

After all it is the little Akh-mag-e-nedjad who his asking Israelis to attack them.

Also, considering that if no action is taken to prevent the Mullahs, they could end up controlling more the 1/2 of the oil supply to the west, and turn the faucet On or Off whenever they like it. That premise is not acceptable to the west. Oil and free flow of this commodity is second to breathing air to the western economies. They will not seat idle and play to these backward Mullahs.

For the 100 times. Considering that this regime in Tehran has no real and genuine friends left to stand by them in time of need, They are playing with fire - real one.

They are better to quit while they are ahead.


$11 oil price increase for a comment ,$3 for report

by ali reza (not verified) on

Israeli' deputy prime minster made a comment that made the oil price go up $11,and this report made a three dollar increase in oil price I wonder what increase we would see if there was an acutlal attack?


in the words of mr. bush

by tehran24 (not verified) on

Bring it On!


NY Time article actualy said:

by Anonymouse on

NY Time article

"To inflict maximum damage, multiple attacks might be necessary, which many analysts say is beyond Israel's ability at this time."

They are just like a scared little man who is hiding behind a bully swearing at someone else.  No guts no glory.