Bombing Iran? It's Not So Bad, Really
The Nation / Robert Dreyfuss
13-Jun-2008 (6 comments)

Patrick Clawson and Michael Eisenstadt, two Iran experts at the pro-Israeli thinktank, the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, have published a primer for bombing Iran that looks at the costs and consequences. It's called "The Last Resort," but it might have been called "Making the Unthinkable Thinkable."

They make it look easy.


attack? who said anything about attack?

by Q on

when will some Iranians wake up from their deep denial? There are forces, powerful forces, in this country that are doing everything they can to start a war with Iran. Our complacency is only going to make it more sell-able.



The shame-mongers

by Fred on

The self-certified “shame” appraisers of this cyber space should know not everyone is blessed with their abundance of temerity to fixatedly get busy with others’ while their own is in utter shambles.



by Mammad on

You have no shame. We now know where you stand with respect to Iran. When it comes to defending the motherland from an unjustified war, there is no superficial line of separation between "lefty/anti-semites" and Islamists. Of course, in your view anti-semite is ANYBODY who condemns the crimes that Israel commits against the defenceless Palestinians on a daily basis, but you have apparently seen no such cime that you could not justify. In your view, Israel is above criticism. I bet Fred is another name for a Zionist who comments here all the time.

Patrick Clawson and Michael Eisenstadt are two potential war criminals. Back in 2004 Clawson was advocating creating accident in the Bushehr nuclear reactor when it comes online, and Eisenstadt was advocating state-sponsored terrorism in the form of an assassination campaign against Iranian scientists who work on Iran's nuclear program. In a detailed article I exposed both of them. They became silent about their plans for three years. Now, they are coming back. It is time for another article.


Fred, have you no shame sir?

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

The article talks about a "detailed plan for bombing Iran."

You are blaming this on other Iranians and not the people who are doing the detailed planning?

No amount of bombing will get rid of the regime. That will take boots on the ground, which we know won't happen. So your dream can only reduce Iran to rubble making it exactly like Taliban's Afghanistan and Saddam's Iraq.

You think it's bad now? Wait till there are no computers, schools or healthy drinking water left in Iran. I'll show you "Islamic fundamentalism" at that time.


Short list of US Betrayal by Jews.

by no_name (not verified) on

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (btw, lets not forget communism was cooked up by the Jews) sold the atomic bomb secret to the Russians. Leading to the Cold War, emboldened Russians in Korean War, and the Vietnam war. Killing thousands of innocent people, empowering Soviets to take over and control Eastern Europe. Costing US trillions of dollars in that time.

Jonathan Pollard: Stole one of the most important US secret. Which was at core of US intelligence. Sold it to Israelis. They in turn sold it to the Soviets trading it for top Russian Jewish scientist.

The Iraq war. It's no secret that majority of the gang who put US in Iraq were Jewish. The war has killed thousands of innocent American soldiers, not to mention countless Iraqis. Costing 3 trillion dollars.

Next one...Iran war. It will push US into a depression. It will halt economical growth world wide. It will lead to regional war in the middle east. Killing thousands of people. But mostly, it will bring to end the US empire.


The sane way

by Fred on

The Lefty/anti-Semites the strategic allies of the Islamists and the Islamist regime apologist’s dogged whitewashing of the Islamist regime’s crimes is the grease for the war machine. If such war breaks out they are the facilitators of such monumental tragedy. Come hell or high water this aberration of a regime will be done away with, empowering Iranians to cleanse their soiled land is the only sane way to go about it.