If single employees don't get married, the Iranian firm will fire them.
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10-Jun-2008 (one comment)

Single workers at one of Iran's major state-owned companies have been
told to marry by September or face being fired, Iranian newspapers have


The Pars Special Economic Energy Zone Company employs thousands of people, mostly young men, on Iran's Gulf coast.

Being married is a job requirement, a directive from the company is reported as saying.

Correspondents say the ruling appears to be an attempt to reduce the number of prostitutes working in the area.

The company controls Iran's large network of gas and petrochemical
facilities around the coastal city of Assalouyeh on the Gulf coast.

Its directive, according to the Etemad newspaper, says that
despite requests "some of our colleagues did not fulfil their
commitments and are still single".

It continues: "As being married is one of the criteria of
employment, we are announcing for the last time that all the female and
male colleagues have until September 21 to go ahead with this important
and moral religious duty."

In the same vein, the governor of the eastern province of North
Khorasan ruled recently that only married people would be hired for
official posts in the region.

Economic difficulties in Iran have led many people to postpone
getting married, despite sexual relations being illegal outside

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Marry or lose job, says Iran firm

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