US: Leaving UN Rights Council Fails Victims of Abuse
Human Rights Watch
07-Jun-2008 (11 comments)

“The US decision to walk away from the Human Rights Council is counter-productive and short-sighted,” said Juliette de Rivero, Geneva advocacy director at Human Rights Watch. “Whatever the council’s problems, this decision is a victory for abusive states and a betrayal of those fighting for their rights worldwide.”

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by Zion on

Of course I love you Q. That is because you are so lovely.

Thanks Farhad. It is nice to burst their little bubbles of hypocrisy every once in a while.


Fred and Zion nad Mr. Javid,

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Fred and Zion nad Mr. Javid, great responses. The way Q commented and responded to this article, is a prime example and an eye-opener for the silent majority of Iranians and the whole world to know how these people masacared human rights in Iran in the name and because of their blind anti Americanism. To them, human rights is an "imperialist" or an "American" concepts. In every country these lefitst and Islamists ruled, human rights was the first thing that got butchered, and replaced by blind hatred for anything that challenges their regressive and repressice views.


US didn't give anybody a hand out!!

by Anonymouszzzzz (not verified) on

The US/West gave sactuary to a talented group of people that have contributed in great magnitude to their adopoted homes. An adopted home that "ironically" was the nation subject to Iran's historical koo.

And pissed off will be more pissed to hear that many have migrated back. In fact I recall the US froze $17 million dollars of an Iranian born civilian in 2003 who was trying to sheild his money against the US financial turbulance. This is what we do here in the US. It's good for the Zion's a like, but no one else.

Am I the only one here seeing a clear image of Zion's biggetry?


US created this board

by Q on

after the previous one was supposedly failing to be effective (mainly because US opposed it and refused to work with it)

Now we know it was just an excuse, Zion. You can bring your zionist "jado abadet" here it won't change that fact. US has no intention of "tolerating" any "forum" where Israel was considered a legitimate target of human rights violations, no matter how well documented. As I said, Israel must always be above and superior to the rest of humanity.

It's nice to see you are so comfortable feeling that way yourself. I rest my case!

Oh, that is because you are so important Q. Didn't you know?
Well I must be. How else do you explain your well-documented obsession with my postings? I couldn't help noticing that you never bother to leave a comment for the news posts with headlines like "Zio-Nazi" and "Blood sucker".

So, let's be honest, it's not the content that bothers you. If you have a crush on me, I totally understand. If you have another explanation, there are many people who are curious.

And regarding UN, which you hate again (at least this week)

This is an endemic problem with UN, if they try a hundred more times, it won't get any better. It is a corrupt structure in its core,
I guess that's why you have rejected the UN Sanctions resolutions against Iran? Because the UN was corrupt to the core right?

Oh, no! Wait... that's right, you didn't because that would be, you know morally consistent.

No one can accuse you of that!



by Zion on

This is about the new council that was supposed to be something at least resembling decency. The first two videos are from 23 March 2007 . This is an endemic problem with UN, if they try a hundred more times, it won't get any better. It is a corrupt structure in its core, and had it not been for the veto power of the world's greatest and oldest superpower, it would have become something worse than the Inquisition by now.

'It's not easy being morally superior.'
LOL. You know, it is sometimes difficult. Just having to deal with people like you who leave their human rights paradise they come from just to live here, and take advantage of all the moral superiority for their personal indulgence (why else come here? It is good when it serves their personal needs, but evil all other times). People who constantly nag in return, and focus the little they can manage to destroy and undermine the very system that fed them and gave them sanctuary. Just that is already frustrating enough. :-)

'sorry to make you get up...'
Oh, that is because you are so important Q. Didn't you know?


What Do You Think?

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

Does this mean the U.S. government will hang criminals in public squares, lynch political dissidents, rape and kill under-aged girls, close down all the publications which criticize the government, ban satellite dishes, destroy the Statue of Liberty, introduce discriminatory laws with regards to women, persecute non-Christians, ban non-Christians from attending universities, teach American kids religion from grade one, and enforce many un-American laws and regulations?

Come to think of it, it's scary. I think I'll go back to Iran!!!

What do you think?


oops, did I accidently use the I-word ?

by Q on

sorry, didn't mean to sound the alarm bells at Zio-Con headquarters, sorry to make you get up in the middle of the night to "defend" the poor defenseless Israel on my account.

I'm not surprised you would applaud an exit from a Human Rights organization. I mean, why don't third world people just understand, Human Rights is something that applies to them not to us "civilized" American and Israelis.

I feel your pains... It's not easy being morally superior.

And Zion, you should really double check with the latest propaganda talking points before flooding the site with outdated YouTube clips, this is not the HR commission that was disbanded because of the problems your links have pointed to, this is the body that replaced it just a year ago, at the direction of the US itself.


Joking with humanity

by Fred on

For the past thirty years the   Islamist Republic  has been likewise “joking” about the “"We don't need no stinking human rights'"? Wondering when all the “joking” ends


About Time

by Zion on

It was about time for US to leave this sham council of corrupt demagogues. It was actually pretty late. The US should have left this nest of vipers long before:

Q, you disappoint me: "Blazing Saddles"? Westoxification indeed! Why don't you clean your mind of such stuff? After all Mel Brooks is one of them joooos... .


JJ jan!

by Q on

It's a joke. I'm doing an impression of what the US did in the HR commission.

The phrase is a take off from a well known parody popularized by the 1974 Mel Brooks movie "Blazing Saddles". Here's the YouTube clip of that scene.

For a country that wears Human Rights like a "badge" of honor, US is shamefully quick to abandon the UN Human Rights commission, which US itself established, just because it doesn't want to face criticism of Israel.

What can I say, my aging mind is full of westoxified cultural references!

Jahanshah Javid

Natural rights

by Jahanshah Javid on

Q, "We don't neeed no stinkingc'human rights'"? Sure we do. Which specific human right do you consider undesirable?

We need human rights more than anything else. There is no "American" version of human rights or an Iranian or Islamic one. Human rights are universal. The right to liberty and freedom of speech and religion and... other rights included in the Universal Human Rights Declaration (which the IRI is a signatory). The U.S. does emphasize and exaggerate human rights abuses in Iran and ignore or downplay those in Israel or Saudi Arabia.

But regardless of what the U.S. does for political reasons, current and future Iranian governments have an obligation to respect human rights: Critics should not be jailed or fined, students should not be imprisoned for protesting, newspapers and magazines and websites and blogs and... should not be closed down or blocked just because the government does not like them, women should not be treated as second-class citizens, Bahais should be recognized as full citizens and allowed to freely practice their religion, politically-motivated vetting and disqualification of candidates must end and peaceful political activities should be tolerated, even if they challenge the clerical monopoly on power.

These are some of the natural rights of every Iranian -- rights neither Bush can give nor be taken away by the Islamic Republic.