Sarkozy to meet Lebanese leader
bbc world
07-Jun-2008 (2 comments)

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is visiting Lebanon at the head of a large delegation of government ministers and leaders of French opposition parties.

A spokesman for the Elysee Palace said the purpose was to show support for the new President, General Michel Suleiman.

The army chief was elected after months of political division which exploded into bloody clashes last month.

Earlier, Mr Sarkozy cancelled a planned visit to French troops serving in the UN peacekeeping force in the south.

French officials said he wanted to maintain the "political character" of the visit.

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after ...

by doodoolchini on

After Zio-Nazis are dirven out of the ME, Lebanon once again will be  a great place. This lacky (sacoozeh) thinks there is something for him to grab and scavenge on. He does not know that thanks to Hezbollah, those times are over.  In summer 2006, Zio-Nazis thought they can take control of Lebann. We know the result.


Clear Message to the Mullahs.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

The Iranian regime may THINK they are gaining control of Lebanon. Soon they will find out the hard realities of the ME.

Lebanon ones was a prosperouls and cosmopolitan country, where Beirut was the Paris of the region. It got there through its open and free wheeling societies, with its wonderful mixture and marriage of European and ME cultural.

Strategically, Lebanon is very important to western countries. that includes France which Lebanese ones had shared their cultural with them. Neither France, US, and certainly Israel will let that little Jewel of the ME will be dominated by backward fundamentalist demagogues and terror filled Islamists like Hizbollah or Iran.

Sarkozy's visit comes to serve as warning to the Mullahs in Iran to know their proper place in the region. Lebanon is NOT one of them.