Israelis, Palestinians to start writing peace pact
07-Jun-2008 (2 comments)

JERUSALEM - Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have agreed to start drafting elements of a proposed peace accord, the chief Palestinian negotiator said Friday.

Ahmed Qureia, the veteran negotiator heading the Palestinian team, made it clear the decision did not necessarily reflect agreement on major issues. But this would be the first time since negotiations resumed more than six months ago that anything would be committed to paper.

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American negotiators should ...

by zirak on

American government officials are "bribing" Iraqi politicians to sign a  deal that in practice hands over Iraq's sovernity to U.S.. American negotiators between Pals and Zio-Nazis should bribe palestinian negotiators to sign any deal they want with the Israelis. That is how Islaerli's got American government people sign deals with Israel!  And we call mollahs "corrupt" !!


Most Important.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Do they serve Humus and Falafel, or just ghormay sab-zi?.Anonymous