'Iran reactor startup to begin in autumn'
07-Jun-2008 (4 comments)

Russia has reportedly announced that preparations for the launch of a nuclear power plant in Iran are scheduled to begin this autumn.

Chief of Russian nuclear power agency Rosatom, Sergei Kiriyenko, added that the company working on the project is completing the final stages of the power plant in Bushehr.

Head of Atomstroyexport Corporation, the Russian contractor building the plant, had earlier predicted that the Bushehr plant would not be commissioned before late 2008.

According to Iran, the reactor will begin operation in late October.

During a visit to Tehran in April, acting secretary of Russia's Security Council, Valentin Sobolev, promised the plant to be launched according to schedule.

Russia has so far delivered eight consignments of nuclear fuel to the plant located in southern Iran being constructed in response to the country's growing energy demand, which has tripled since 1990.

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by XerXes (not verified) on

Maa meetunim. We are Iranians, don't look at us as if!


I wish them success too

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

Since I am not a Muslim I will not use 'Salavat', I however wish them success not only with the Bushehr plant but also with the whole Iranian nuclear program.


To: Chert-o-Pert Police (re: Not-so-Zirak )

by zirak on

Obviouly you are not iranian and cannot "enjoy" and "appreciate" the super titles I use. I suggest you skip my super titles, and leave the "enjoyment" and "appreciation" to iranians and those who understand Iranian culture.  It is not just the language. Our beautiful mother-tongue Farsi is full of great meanings for some words and has backgrounds going back thousand s of years. But those are cultural and you have to have gwon up in Iran to know what they mean.

For your info however, "salavate boland" is used when unexpectedly electric power is ost (lights off unexpectedly) and then all of a sudden there is. It is not approval or disapproval of any government.  Only anti-iranian parasites with superficial knowlege of iranian culture may attribute it to political matters.

Happt learning Iranian culture



by Chert-o-Pert Police (not verified) on

From the supertitle you have picked for your item, it appears that you are so gleeful about a dubious accomplishment of the IRI. Really, what's up with you, Zirak? Your supertitles are so inflammatory both in favor of the Islamic Republic and against anyone who doesn't approve of it, as though everything IRI does is great and everything others say and do must be insulted. If you insist on using the site's privileges, you must learn a thing or two about responsibility. Ask a bozorgtar for help, you need it buddy.