Khamenei rejects charges Iran seeks nukes
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03-Jun-2008 (8 comments)

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has rejected allegations that Tehran was working to make a nuclear weapon. Speaking on national television, Khamenei repeated that Iran's nuclear programme was intended solely for peaceful energy purposes. He said that no wise nation  would be interested in making nuclear bombs, calling them useless. His comments come a day after the chief of the UN atomic watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei, urged "full disclosure" from Iran over charges that Tehran is hiding information about its nuclear programme.



by zirak on

Westerners (and their allies!) wanted to take the right to oil exploration and sale from Iran during Dr. Mosadegh, and now they are trying a different tack but basically the same tricks about nuclear power. Iranians should be very alert and awake.



To: sickofbs (Re: zirak=ahamd.bahai You're too )

by zirak on

sickofbs (and allies!),

No wonder you guys (as bunch of anti-iranian parasites ) lost the country to a bunch of "bisavad mollahs". You are so stupid that even bisavad mollahs figured YOU OUT!.


Zirak (bashid)


I guess we should be trusting the U.S. Hawks for real news!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

For one, I am glad he has the balls to give it back to the hawks, who have used the same lies to invade another country.

The CIA called Mossadeq communist. Iran would become a satellite of Russia, and Iranians would all have to learn how to speak Russian and could not practice their religion. The CIA used black propaganda to spread their lies in order to bring down Mossadeq and are now doing the same with Iran.

Now, they are calling Iran by different names, Nazi, Hitler and bent on creating another Holocaust etc...

Anyone with a bit of brain could see straight through all of this propaganda and lies!


Daryush and sickofbs:

by Lie Detector (not verified) on


Are you for real?!! Can you read English?! Read my comment again and ask for help to understand its meaning before you write again or stick with the lighter subjects on the site.


Right on! I had suspected the same thing, but you confirmed my thinking.


Islamists always justify

by Daryush on

Islamists such as Lie Detector who want the dictators remain are the source of our problems. He must collect a lot of money from the IRI. Why don't you go to your Mullah regime if you love him so much Lie Detector?


zirak=ahamd.bahai You're too

by sickofbs (not verified) on


You're too zirak for your own
The Supreme Leader of ignorance is not fooling anyone.


Of course, Mr. Khamenei would!

by Lie Detector (not verified) on

Instead of all this balloney, he should just have his minions answer the questions. Time for truth...except that might be expecting too much of chronic liars who play Russian Roulette with the lives of 70 million people. I hope he doesn't die anytime soon. It would be so good to see this man tried in an international tribunal for his crimes against humanity.


During Dr. Mosadegh era, west used to call iranians "terrorists"

by ahmad.bahai on

The same propaganda stories that are going on now in terms of Iran's nukes' programs was going on (according to history) at the oil nationalization era. They used to call Dr Mossadegh and Iranians "terrorists" (because Iranians wanted control of their own resources!). The difference between now and then is that then, there was some sort of international norm and laws that everyone would abide by. Now there are more and perhaps better international laws, but especially the west ignores them.