U.S. Strategy to Stop Iran Atomic Work Is Failing, Analyst Says
02-Jun-2008 (one comment)

June 2 (Bloomberg) -- U.S.-driven economic sanctions aimed at persuading Iran to halt its atomic program are failing, leaving the government in Tehran with scope to use record oil prices to consolidate its regional influence, Middle East analysts and former diplomats said.

``The U.S. doesn't really have an Iran strategy,'' said Vali Nasr, an Iranian-born analyst meeting with U.S. generals in Iraq this week. ``Every set of Iran sanctions is weaker than the previous one and Iran can tolerate them with $130 a barrel oil until the time comes to talk.''

Nasr was speaking at a 12th century monastery in Talloires, France, where current and former U.S., European and Middle Eastern diplomats met over the weekend to discuss the future of U.S.-Iranian relations. The Medford, Massachusetts-based Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, the U.S.'s oldest diplomatic training academy, hosted the talks.

Iran, with the world's No. 2 oil and natural gas reserves, is insulated from the impact of three sets of United Nations Security Council sanctions by high oil prices. Brent crude oil touched a record $135.14 a barr... >>>

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by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

does it ever occur to you that, perhaps this story was planted by the CIA, as part of a very sophisticated campaign of disinformation to mislead the Mullahs in Tehran.

Considering that the little midget's enormous ego and his need to feed his hollow and useless pride (Poz), this story sound just about right.

It is very plausible to believe that the war against the Mullah had already begun. This is just the first phase of that battle. Lead the little ahmad in Tehran to think he is winning against the infidels and big enchilada. Then wait patiently until he makes his mistake, them bang it on his head.