Pope avoids Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
The Daily Telegraph / Malcolm Moore
01-Jun-2008 (4 comments)

Benedict XVI has cancelled meetings with seven world leaders to avoid an encounter with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran. Mr Ahmadinejad is one of 40 heads of state arriving in Rome on Tuesday for a vital United Nations summit on the world’s food crisis. Mr Ahmadinejad was keen to meet Benedict XVI, after writing to him two years ago on the subject of spirituality and the need for dialogue between Islam and Christianity.

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Two idiots one with a big hat

by Abarmard on

So what? One a Christian Savage and another a IR president! 



by Mehdi on

Benedict does not impress me one bit. The man does not realize his role as a spiritual leader and a messenger of peace. He should have jumped on the opportunity. But apparently somebody needs to inform him what his sole responsibility is in this world!


The telegraph is just another ...

by Realist (not verified) on

The Telegraph is just another outlet for Rupert Murdochs venomous mouth diarea.

As usual, no sources are given. Just a collected heap of old news plus unsubstanciated claims.



by Pissed Off (not verified) on

There's no reason Benedict should avoid meeting Ahmadinejad. I strongly encourage such meetings between the civilized and uncivilized.

This will show the civilized world how crazy and uncivilized this little stinking twerp, Ahmadinejad, is.

I also suggest P&G(Procter and Gamble)provide large amounts of Febreze for the removal of all the unpleasant odors which Ahmadinejad will leave behind.

Don't forget to wear a mask, Benedict!