Iran's Karimi reinstated after Ahmadinejad intervenes
Today Online
01-Jun-2008 (2 comments)

... demands from football fan Ahmadinejad and Khomeini's most prominent living descendant, his grandson Hassan Khomeini, have prompted the federation to reverse its decision, the ISNA news agency reported.

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Baba...take it easy!!

by Anonymous55 (not verified) on

Mr. Go Kuchik,

Why do you bash a super star like Ali Dai by saying his goals were insignificant because it was against Bangeladesh or Burkina Faso?? so what..Pele had 7 goals against Zaire in the 70's so who cares..he is still great...Neither you or myself or government for that matter or any corporation supported Ali Daie's ascendence to stardom...he was self made and he paved the way for others to make it to European leagues....Please don't bash our national hero..these kids come from poor families with no resources and the fact that they have made Iran and the rest of us proud speaks very highly of their intelligence and motivation...We can't seat here and say Lengesh Kon!!! If you pay for his salary or have in any way supported them..then you can criticize them...but for now....keep a lid on it.


What would FIFA say now, government interference!

by Gol Kuchik! (not verified) on

I personally think no Ali Karimi, no Emam Zaman, not even god himself can help Iran let alone Iranian football.

This regime and idiots like Ali Daie (FIFA's all time goal scorer, never mind that most of those goals were scored against sides like Bangeladesh or Burkina Faso, merely insignificant, small details) and no good players such as Karimi are actually the obstacles stopping Iranian football achieving something.