'US evidence against Iran fabricated'
30-May-2008 (7 comments)

Iran has said evidence and documents offered by the US to the UN nuclear watchdog against Tehran's nuclear program are not authentic.

"All evidence given by the United States against Iran's nuclear program is fabricated," Iran's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali-Asghar Soltaniyeh told reporters in Vienna after the agency briefed its 35 members on Thursday.

The envoy's comments followed accusations by the United States and its allies that Iran was developing a military version of its nuclear program.

The Iranian ambassador called on the UN nuclear agency to preserve its impartiality and not to turn a blind eye on Iran's good cooperation.

"It is high time that the member states should have a complete picture in order to have a better judgment because… the board of governors has put pressure on the secretariat to give impartial, incomplete reports and has created for the past five years many misunderstandings," said Soltaniyeh.



by almo5000 on

Look at Iraq. The whole deal was based on fabricated sotries, What do you expect from USA? Millions of lives in Iraq are destroyed on whim of a bunch of blood suckers with  fabricated stories.



Baraye dafne CIA

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Madi biya, Mahdi biya


Mehdi joon

by Anonymous21 (not verified) on

Eshtebah grefti, ooni ke rah mire be poor pool mide, az yatima negah dari mikone, pirzanaro mibare hamoom emam zaman joonete na CIA.


One thing for sure we have not heard an iota of truth from

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

The Bush Admin. any of its intelligence organizations, the Pentagon, the NSC, the Congress, or in fact any of the legislative, executive, or judicial branches.

We also know that the media is controlled, spreads lies and propaganda. It is rather another Ministry of Disinformation.

The "truth and nothing but the truth" is purely a slogan.


US became a super power becasue she knows how to fabricate

by asefati on

- Moon landing was fake, but it was good enough to scare most of the Sovients and with series of other hollywood movies and PR, they eventually collaped.

- 9/11 was fabricated. (don't get me even started on 9/11)

- Iraq possession of WMD was fabricated. Everyone knows that even president's former speak person just admit it in his book.

So I am not suprised if they are fabricating their case against Iran.!


Are you serious? PRESSTV Is

by Anonymousmm (not verified) on

Are you serious? PRESSTV Is one the newest propaganda arm of the ISlamic Republic and you use that as a credible source??? You're insulting our intelligence!


CIA never fabricates!

by Mehdi on

I have never heard of the CIA fabricating evidence or interfering in any way in the affairs of other countriues. CIA is the most decent organization on Earth. Their leaders regularly pay money to the poor. Stop spreading rumors about such decent institution of trust :-)