Israeli Officials: Iran Arming Militants
28-May-2008 (4 comments)

AP) Rockets and weapons bearing signs of Iranian paint, lettering and serial numbers are making their way into the Gaza Strip and Lebanon - helping Tehran cement its powerful role within militant movements on Israel's northern and southern flanks, senior Israeli security officials say.

The weapons, including an 18-inch fragment of a Grad-type Katyusha rocket seen by The Associated Press, are believed to be reaching blockaded Gaza through a clandestine network: by sea from Sudan to Egypt's Red Sea ports and then by land through the Sinai desert to tunnels that cross into the coastal strip, according to the officials.

Trucks and airplanes also carry Iranian-made rockets across the Syrian-Lebanese border, according to the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity under military restrictions.


why people want to defend themselves?

by ahmad.bahai on

Israel wants the occupied palestinians in Gaza play target for Israelis military target practice! They don't want those poor homeless palestinaisn who are in an open air prison on their own land to be able to defend themsleves!



to Mehdi

by mehdi mazloom (not verified) on

It makes no difference where the money came from. The important fact is, Pals received fully functioning and operating business which was a source of income to the Pals.
Don't blame Israel for Pals failure in Gaza. This time they had what they wanted. Their land, their homes free from Israeli occupation. It is their failure to elect the right leaders who could lead them to a better life then they have today



by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

and how much of this was done WITHOUT massive free US and European money?

We will never know.


Say again?

by mehdi mazloom (not verified) on

ahamad Agha,
In chee-shee-yeh?. shomah ma-ra khe-jallat mideed.
from which planet did you come from.?
Back in August 2005, Israel had completely withdrew from Gaza. They left behind massive number of green Houses with more then 3 million plants, providing jobs to 5000 families. these GH's were bought from the Israeli settlers for $14M with money raised from wealthy Jews in US, and given to the Pals free of charge.

Withing 2 weeks, all were looted and stolen by local Pals.They even stole the plastic covers of the buildings for god sake.

It was a golden opportunity for Hamas leadership to earn its election. Instead of get down, roll up their sleeves and begin with construction of their towns and cities. Provide better life to their civilians. Import construction equipment and material, they smuggled (and still do) destruction equipment and material.
Since then all they do is launch stupid rockets into Israel to keep the conflict alive, and flame of hatred glowing.

Instead of using their big heads to gain the respect of the international community to come to their aid. These idiots use their little head. to bring more and more hungry children, with no means of their own to feed, dress, and educate these children.

I want to see any Israeli would dare to attack Gaza while Hamas and Al Aqsa are going about their peaceful ways of building their little mini-state.

Instead they beg the Israelis to come and hit them, time and time again, so they will have the grand stage of world attention, to show the dead bodies of the children. Along the way keep taxing people's already warped emotions, to show how poor they are, and how much they are suffering from their leader's own stupidity of inventing non-existent occupation, to manufacture resistance.

Is anyone surprised by now why the rest of the world does not give much of a hoot to their suffering.

Another demonstration of Hamas's own stupidity is. For a long time, Israeli leaders were looking for ways to isolate Hamas from the rest of the Pals. By committing these stupid incursions into Israel, they fell right into the trap which A. Sharon and other Israeli leaders had laid out fro them back in 2005. Hamas is where Israel wanted it be, in a cage.

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