Fox: Carter 'outing' of Israeli nukes helps Iran
28-May-2008 (one comment)

Former President Jimmy Carter aroused concerns when he referred at a news conference on Sunday to Israel's possession of "150 or more" nuclear weapons.

Although Israel's nuclear program has long been an open secret, with most estimates of the total Israeli nuclear arsenal running between 100 and 250 warheads, the United States has generally respected Israel's demands for a policy of "ambiguity" on the matter.

However, the hosts of Fox & Friends were determined to find some way in which Carter had directly abetted US enemies. "Carter Outs Israel," proclaimed their banner. "Confirms country's nuke secrets."

"It appears that he's giving out secret information about Israel and how many nuclear weapons they may have," said host Gretchen Carlson. "According to most people, this information has never been made public before."

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Do as I say not as I do

by Mehdi on

Poor Israel. All its anti-nuclear weapon propaganda is backfiring on her. Now the attention is turning to the owners of nuclear bombs as opposed to potential owners. Kind of funny, in a sad way.