Former press secretary's book bashes Bush
Associated Press / Yahoo
28-May-2008 (one comment)

WASHINGTON - Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan writes in a new memoir that President Bush relied on an aggressive "political propaganda campaign" instead of the truth to sell the Iraq war, and that the decision to invade pushed Bush's presidency "terribly off course.'

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These sort of people are never embaressed !

by almo5000 on

To understand their mentality, look back at shah's time.  It was known that when there was a major anti-shah arrest or murder by Savak, Ashraf Pahlevi would shave her pussy (and put HANA on it, to celebrate!). I am not sure if she was really doing that since I had never visited her pussy ! (once I think I had the chance believe it or not). But I think the point of this made-up story was that the Pahlavi family celebrated what ordinarily should be an embaressement!. I think the "W" family and freinds are the same way.  Sad day for America!