Israel hit by Bible burning row
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27-May-2008 (one comment)

Messianic Jews in Israel say they want an inquiry into the burning of hundreds of copies of the New Testament by Orthodox Jews in Or Yehuda last week.

The books were given to the town's Ethiopian Jews by the Messianic Jews, who believe in Jesus as a saviour.

Or Yehuda's deputy mayor says he received complaints about the books, and arranged for them to be burnt.

He has now apologised after his actions have been compared to those of Nazis who burnt Jewish holy scriptures.

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Israel hit by Bible burning row

by Jaleho on

After Russian Jews got disillusioned from the promised land, Israel, and the great source of influx from Russia dried up, Israel has been trying to INVENT Jews studiously!

Ethiopian "Jews" have been the best hope for Israel to fight against the population (lack thereof) bomb. These are poor CHRISTIANS who would move to Israel for a quick share of Israeli stolen land, and the promised FREE money and home given to them by the State of Israel. Their HIGH birth rate is Israel's hope to reverse the relative decline of Jewish population in Palestine. So, everyone must accept that these CHRISTIANS were at some point in their lives FORCED to proselytize to Christianity, and accept the poor souls as "Jews" since it is beneficial to state of Israel!

Naturally, to some Jews who accept only REAL Jews as Jews, the Ethiopian "Jews" are not Jews, but are political ploys. What to do?


Now imagine if bibles were burned somewhere in the world by Muslims! Their countries would have been invaded, but when Israel burns the bibles? You hardly hear it in the Zionist controlled media of the US.

Good article, thanks for sharing.