Jimmy Carter calls for US to make friends with Iran after 27 years
The Independent / Joy Lo Dico
26-May-2008 (4 comments)

The former US president Jimmy Carter has called for his country to resume trade relations with Iran, which he described as a "rational" nation. Speaking at the Hay Festival yesterday, Mr Carter also suggested the US should provide nuclear power technology and fuel to Iran as a show of goodwill. "What happens if, in three years time, Iran has a nuclear weapon," Mr Carter asked. "I'm not sure that is going to happen, but if it does, what do we do? They are rational people like all of us in this room. Do they want to commit suicide?

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Good for him

by Abarmard on

Carter will leave a legacy for attacking taboo topics in the US foreign policies. More power to him.


I usually do not comment about politics, but this time......

by Tahirih on

I will make a comment about the person of " Carter". he is a kind man ,but wisdom has never been his strongest virtue!!!!!



Yes, because the current policy is working wonders!

by Q on

Carter must be an idiot!

30 years of sanctions and demonization have not only destroyed IRI and created a vibrant democracy in Iran, but they have also helped ordinary Iranians benefit and prosper!

This is working fine, why change it?

Bijan A M

One simple wrong assumption

by Bijan A M on

Like 1978 mr. Carter makes a wrong assumption. He says about IRI:

<b> "They are rational people like all of us in this room. Do they want to commit suicide? I would guess not" </b>

Hey Jimmy, guess again....They sent 9 years old kids to clear mine fields along with the donkeys.

Don't be so stupid. You have a degree in nuclear physics and after 30 years you still have not learned a simple fact. When are you going to learn from your mistakes? How many more helicoters and american lives do you need to learn your lesson?.

You can't use your age and alzheimer as excuse if you keep on talking this nonesense.

Someone needs to commit this guy to a mental institution. Not that I am against dalogue with IRI, but to have the slightest hope of getting to a meaningful resolution is naivty to he nth degree.