Iranian-born Israeli charged with spying for Iran
26-May-2008 (17 comments)

The man, who lives abroad, was arrested by police and agents of the Shin Bet security agency on May 8 after arriving in Israel for a visit, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said. The man told interrogators he repeatedly visited the Iranian consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, and gave the Iranians names of acquaintances he said served in the Israeli security forces, Rosenfeld said.

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Ah!, that "Stolen land" balaleika again.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Q agha,
I knew you will come back with that convoluted and discarded notion of "stolen Land" crap.

1. Most of those Arabs who were living in the villages, whom left the land, were Fallahim (farmers), most of whom, had immigrated into this region during the 19th century from elsewhere, seeking better economic opportunities.

2. The name "Palestinian" for the these Arab refugees, was coined only after 6 days war. Prior to that, they were mere "Arabs", or Egyptians, (Arafat Himself was an Egypt // So much for 13 consecutive centuries carp. So, Arafat is allowed to immigrate to Palestine, and Mufaz and Katsav are not.

Perhaps you should be reminded that, as far back as 1918, the land in the ME (and that of the region of Palestine) were owned by three groups - none of which were these so called Palestinians.

1. Most was owned by the Ottoman Empire.
2. Large track by wealthy Arabs, who were leasing the land to these so called "Palestinians".
3. 7% of the land was legally owned by Jews who had bought them from the Ottomans.

Back in 1940's the British Mandate had offered to divide the region into separate countries, based more less on ethnic and religious fault lines. That is how Lebanon, Jordan Syria, Iraq,& Israel were created. All were Arabs & Muslims, one was Jewish. Arabs wanted it all, went to war and lost that war, and ended paying the price.

Besides, are you suggesting that Jews "Stole" their own land, bought and paid for?.


wow, something is really bothering the Zionists here

by Q on

I wonder what that would be.

Israeli spies get caught left and right in the US, and the Israelis cry thinking they are entitled to spy on others.

Mehdi Mazloom,

Wake up man, there are no Zionists in Israel

Well, good think he was in Turkey than!

Seriously you're so deluded you can't even speak coherenly about your own kind anymore. Go bother someone else. Or better yet, leave another angry response full of lies and "oghdeh". THAT really helps improve the decreped image of Israel and Zionism! Keep it up.

Coward500: rhetoric my ass. this has been proven and published by many respectable sources. In follow up interviews he has said as much. He's not my "hero" and I have heavily attacked him in the past. But you do not have the capacity to understand so it's more amusing to let you twist and twirl with anger spewing all accusations you can think of. I got a new one for you: I'm also a Nazi and a KKK member. Go ahead you can repeat it!

Mr. very-Brave-behind-a-key-board
Yes, I am as a matter of fact. If I was a coward, however, I would hide behind a fake name and throw monkey poop at respectable humans walking by.


To that "Brave" Mr. Q

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Mr. "Brave" Q,

The question that I put in fornt of you was satirical, but intended to bring you back to reality.

The reality works like this: Your hero, Ahmadi Nejad, was not talking about "dissolution" of the Isreali Gov., but that piece of work was talking about wiping Isreal from the face of the earth.

Our country is in dire danger, and this is serious business; your hero, is an ignorant fool who believes that with his Sepah, composed of bunch of thieves and rapists whose military expertise is comprised of beating up defenseless women, youngsters and invalids in Iran, he can stand up to the awesome might of the American Air Force, one that is capable of pouring Hell on these COWARD mullahs who have commissioned "intelligent" wanna be can't be no way profs like you to lecture us about patriotism and love of the country.

It is hard to believe that you could "enlighten" anyone, considering how backward and reactionary you are. But imagine some one coming on this BB and saying that he or she wants to obliterate Iran from the face of the earth? What would be Iranins reaction to that? Especially if that genocidal piece of work were to argue that there are good and bad Iranians, good and bad Shiites, good and bad Zoroastrians, but he wants to obliterate all so that the Mullah Gov will disolve!!!

When your hero, openly expresses his genocidal wishes against a country that is still suffering from the impacts of the Nazi Hollocaust, we Iranians should condemn him not speaking about Good Jews vs. bad Zionists. Do you understand the danger of this criminal logic, or you don't care?

The problem with you Hezbollahi intellectuals is that you are impervious to the amount of hate that you create on these BB and, in the mean time, put innocent Iranians, by the millions, in dire danger. The IRI regime doesn't give a hoot about our country and if push comes to shove, they will flee Iran with their loots, leaving behind our people to their own fate.

The point is Mr. very-Brave-behind-a-key-board is that no sane person in this day and age should threatnen the world that what happened to the Jewish people under Nazi germany in the 1930s is about to occuring again; your hero, that Lompan Ahmadi Nejad, does not get it. Do you, Mr. wanna be Islamic Professor?


Mohsen Mazloom, re. ISRALI STOLEN LAND

by Jaleho on

Like a good Israeli, you seem to have a funny historical timeline!

The 13 consecutive centuries that Palestinians have lived in PALESTINE is ancient history for you that one must forget. But, the realtively fewer years of Kindom of Jewish kings in the same land some 3000 YEARS AGO is fresh for you and a BASIS for land claim in 21 st century!

The artificial creation of Israel of STOLEN LAND from other people some 60 years ago in 1947, seems to be a HISTORICAL well established FACT for you. But, the massacre and plight of Palestinians whose land Israel STOLE, is old and should be forgotten.

The 1967, more recent LAND TEFT by Israel is supposed to be OLD history again, and people should forget that Israel is OCCUPYING these lands illegally, but the claim for these occupation is some frigging 3000 years old Torah stories!!

AND, you keep on throwing some nonsense in the name of UN resolutions, but when one bothers to TYPE the ACTUAL historical document to PROVE YOU WRONG, you just go another place and repeat the same garbage. See:



The Spy seems to be A JEW, but be careful!

by Jaleho on

Just look at some Iranian Jewsih garbage who went from Iran to Israel, for example Moshe Katsev, or Shaul Mofaz,... Israel's former president and former Defense Minister who CONSTANTLY advocated bombing Iran.

These DISGUSTING FORMER IRANIANS, have their alligiance to Israel rather than the country they are born in. That is the same with many American Jews, like the Jewish neocons. They advocate wars of Israel with American blood and money. In a country like the US, the Zionists have a lot of power and can use the American prowess to push for Israel's dirty wars. Thank god, under the Islamic Republic, these people have no influence in war making which is the bread and butter of Israel. Let's keep it that way. Iranian Jews better keep their Israeli flags in their AMERICAN HOMES!!

Regarding this particular spy, I am sure that the Iranians who are well aware of this tendency of possible traitors, are having a close eye to make sure that the Jewsih agent is not a DOUBLE AGENT :-)

Hope Fred and Zion enjoy.


What Zionism?

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Q, you among many other Islamist are the most ignorants, who still live in the bygone era. Much the like your Mullahs in Tehran, still stuck in the 7th century.

Get this:
Zionism was a political movement created in the 19th century. It goal and mission was to find a homeland for Jews to escape 1900 & 1300 year of continued persecution by Christians and Muslims. It did accomplish its goal, through conviction of majority of the world community that it is time to let the Jews return to the land of the ancestors. A land from which they were evicted twice (547 BCE the Babylonian & 73 ACE the Romans). After which Zionism gave way, and was replaced by Israeli nationalism.

The only place you hear about the Zionism crap is throughout the Islamist world, - the same people with 7th century mindset. nowhere else

Wake up man, there are no Zionists in Israel - they are ISRAELIS, and we are very proud of that identity. Considering how much progress we have made during the past 60 years. We have lot to be proud of.

Now go ahead and play the "Palestinian" and the "stolen land" balalaika for me.


To the left or right line?

by Fred on

Having the pleasure of your diagnoses of my ego and its many shortcomings, most still unbeknown even to you, and your "warning" aside, I am genuinely interested to know in the Islamist mind what the litmus test is in differentiating the different Jew category. What qualifies a Jew to be sent to the right column where just “Jews” are lined up and the one that is send to the left among the special category of “Zionists” who apparently deserve severe punishment?  This will help me and other ignoramuses out in the world to better understand how thing are and how every bad things that ever  happens in the world, particularly the “Islamist world”  is somewhere along the line attributed to the “Jews” and their evil, yet to be differentiable, “Zionist” twin alter egos.


Fred, I warned you about the dangers of your verbosity.

by Q on

If you end up on your ass hurting your behind and your ego, don't come crying to me.

Your question was a rhetorical farce. Zionists and Jews are not the same category of people, I have shown you. They might not call him a Zionist probably because he isn't one, or mabye because they just didn't.

If he's helping his mother country, chances are he is not a zionist like the vast majority of the Persian Jews, many of whom already work for the Iranian government.

Repeating this frivolous tautology, just to humor your insecure ego will not save your little friend from utter humiliation that she deserves.

Your absurd and obvious verbal insult over-compensation is becoming so incoherent as to risk transforming what little substance decipherable from your message into complete abstruse bafoonery leading to unfortnately missing the ears it is targeting. As exhibit A, I present to you the case of one "zion."


Pending Islamist's response

by Fred on

A question was asked of the eminent scholar in all there is to know about “Zionism” and “Judaism” and the ins and outs of who is what and what Islamist label sticks to whom and in short the minutia of the prevalent Jew/Zionist phobia among all the supporters of the Islamist Republic be it from the wacky Skinhead right or La La land left. Alas the resident Islamist capo does not forgive ignorance of those not aboard the Anti-Semitism disguised as Anti-Zionism, and by leaving the pending question unanswered perpetuates their ignorance of such vital Islamist knowledge.


You still can't read

by Q on

that was his first question which I did answer in the first post, but he's not serious anyway. Fred's second question was about Muslim Zionists.

And a new question for the erudite Islamist professor would be to expand on his “Moslem Zionist” revelation.

Reading: it's a good thing. Learn it, practice it! Some of it comes with age, perhaps wait a few years and then question the grown-ups. OMG, Zion LOL!!! you totally got pwned!


You still don`t get it

by Zion on

LOL. Q , what Fred asked you has nothing to do with who is or is not a muslim zionist. the question was, is the spy still a `Zionist`, or due to his services, he is now `just a Jew` in the eyes of the muslim umma?


Fred and Zion, you can't be that ignorant (one can hope)

by Q on

You really haven't heard of Muslim Zionism? There are actually two classes of Muslim Zionists.

First is an entire class of Muslim intellectuals who support Israel and accept the Zionist positions: The famous neocon Fouad Ajami, for example is one of them. Another is Shaykh Abdul Hadi Palazzi. Some even have additional theological justification for their position.

The second group are call "Muslim Zionists" by actual Zionists in a lame attempt to draw some kind of equivilancy. Daniel Pipes -- the lamest of the lame -- has perpetuated the idea of Muslim Zionism to refer to Muslims who consider Jerusalem theirs for religious reasons.

And Fred, be careful with your liberal use of meaningless words, you might stumble on them and fall flat on your ass negating your desire to feel more intellectually respected.

I'm no combination of "Islamist Professor," but I have been known to school a few ignorant folks here and there. Maybe that's what is confusing you.

Coward5001: He was talking about dissolution of the Zionist government exactly like the government of USSR. I know you people can be hard of hearing on strategic times. This topic has been covered to death, but I thought I'll try one more time.


Jews are not same as Zionists

by Anonymous5001 (not verified) on

"Not all Jews are are Zionists," says our resident intellectual-lawyer and knows-it all" graduate from let us say Emam Shemr University--that has produced such world class Hezbollahi thinkers, the likes of Dr. Abbasi and Dr. Emam Jomeh Orumiyeth, the Molla Nassredin, Hasani.

Question for our humanist Dr. Q: Since it is your premise that "not all Jews are Zionists," could you please tell us when your President Dr. Ahmadi Nejad talks about wiping Isreal from the face of the earth, would he allow all the "non-Zionist" Jews to exit Isreal before he drops his atomic bomb on Isreal? Or would you guys identify the good Jews from Zionist Jews after the bombing, through Forensic Sciences?

And this is my question to you samrty Hezbollahi: if you believe in what you say above, how in the Hell you keep supporting this criminal regime whose mantra is wiping a country with all its people (Zionist and nonZionist Jews) from the face of the earth?

Any response, Dr. Q?



by Zion on

Fred, that was genius ! I loved it.


Info on "Moslem Zionist"

by Fred on

Since the Islamist capo is apparently over educated on the terminologies of Judaism, the question is still pending his educated response. Is the alleged spy just a “Jew” or for his alleged spying for Islamist Republic he is let off the “Zionist” label by the Islamists? And a new question for the erudite Islamist professor would be to expand on his “Moslem Zionist” revelation.


Jews are not same as Zionists

by Q on

There is a difference. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. There are Christian Zionists too, and even Muslim ones.

You should educate yourself about it.


"Jew" or "Zionist"?

by Fred on

Just wondering if in the Islamists capo’s lexicon this alleged Islamist Republic spy is considered just a “Jew” or the usual “Zionist” moniker/epithet still applies?